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April 28, 2011

Wil Wheaton…You’re My Hero

Contributed by Mika

I love Wil Wheaton.Not in the “I wanna have sex with you” way but in the “Dude, you’re so awesome, let’s be bffs.” Okay so maybe not bffs, but he’d get an invitation to hang.I grew up watching him in his movies and shows since the 80’s.I remember Stand By Me, Toy Soldiers, and Star Trek: The Next Generation with great fondness.(Though, I have to admit that when I re-watch some episodes of Star Trek: TNG, it’s not with much fondness.)

I read Wil’s blog, own his books, listen to his podcasts, and I’m damn happy he guest stars in shows I love to watch like The Guild, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and Leverage.I find it very inspirational to read about how he balances the many facets of his life – husband, father, writer, actor, and gamer to name a few.He’s a geek after my own heart and one day I’ll meet him at a con or w00tstock, and we’ll discuss D&D and Pandemic. (A fabulous board game I found out about after reading his blog.You should try it – really, I mean it.)

What I enjoy most about Wil is that he manages to stay relevant, perhaps even more so today than back in the 80’s and 90’s. It could be because I believe we are in the Age of the Geek.We are living in a time where geeks, nerds, and dorks are the rulers of the world (maybe not politically, but socially).No longer people look upon geeks with disdain, we are respected, at least for the most part.Wil Wheaton is like a rock star in geekville.He can easily abuse his geek cred powers and lead others to the dark side, but he doesn’t.From what I know, he treats people nicely but he’s no push over.He’s very down to earth and that’s what makes him loveable.In the words of Wil himself, “Don’t be a dick!”

April 28, 2011

Druids Nerfed Again. Damn you, Blizzard!

Blizzard rolled out patch 4.1 yesterday, and my beloved Druid got nerfed again. Apparently, the priests got it pretty bad too; but I already have a love/hate relationship with my Druid, so I really don’t need her to be torn down anymore. She’s weak sauce, and does not deserve to keep getting pwnd. My Lacerate bonus is gone, my Lifebloom has been decreased, and the Starsurge damage for Balance Druids has been reduced by 20%. I hated being spec’d Balance. She was un-soloable, and I dual spec’d Feral in order to survive. No way I can play Balance with her having less ability after this patch. One bright note is they seemed to have replaced and created all new Glyphs, so at least my time in the Auction House will be once again prosperous. 

It looks like the new changes are going to good. New Dailies in major cities, including Darnassus and Iron Forge. The new Rise of Zandalari story line looks awesome. I’ve never much liked being a Troll, so maybe this will make it more interesting. Death Knights are getting more love, and they dumbed down the Hunters again. The Guild Finder and Guild Challenges will be good for level 85s who need something to do too. Not sure how I feel about the new Dungeon Finder:Call to Arms though. Waits are long enough, if you are one of the classes that is too highly represented will your wait be even longer?

Stay tuned for the next patch 4.2 coming soon.

April 27, 2011

A crime of fashion…

Contributed by DJ

I want to raise public awareness about crimes against fashion.  It goes without saying, just because you can squeeze into it (breathing optional) does not mean you should leave the house in it.  There are so many to be cited, that I will dish them out a little at a time – here are your Humpday five… 

Let’s get started on our PSA…

Crime #1: Prison Pants – aka boxers up, jeans at half mast – usually mid-thigh.  What the hell!  I have no idea if these jackoffs know how stupid they look or not.  Let’s enlighten them – it started as a code in PRISON.  Yep, the clink.  If your wore your drawers low, you were looking to be a bitch.  Come to think of it, the fashion statement makes sense – have you seen these idiots???

Crime #2:  The Fannypack – ’nuff said

Crime #3:  The “Belly” Shirt – Where to begin.  If you wear a 5x, you need to shop at a big girl/boy store.  No more A&F for you, my fluffy friend.  There is NO EXCUSE for your belly to be longer than your shirt.  No one is turned on by it.  Not even a chubby chaser.  Here is the most exercise I can force upon you:  Get dressed.  Stand in front of a mirror.  Raise both arms at the same time.  Can you see belly below the shirt?  If so, change your shirt.  If this happens to all of your shirts, it’s time to go get shirts that fit your body, not your mind.  I’m doing this out of love…

Crime #4:  The Muffin Top – Please, just buy pants that fit.  There is no excuse for looking like you are cutting yourself in half.

Crime #5:  Mesh Anything – Why bother?  We can totally see through it, idiot!  No one wants to see your moobs.  You are usually wearing Jorts and have a mullet if your are sporting a mesh tank.  Not sexy.  Wasn’t in the 80’s won’t ever be.

April 26, 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Premier…Spoilers!

Doctor Who Series 6 began last weekend, and I  have to say I was slightly disappointed. There  were some fabulous moments, like the Doctor’s  death scene, and the mystery of it all was a  great idea. I don’t mean to say I didn’t love  it, and we didn’t all gather around the telly  totally excited for the beginning of the new  season, but there were some things that just  bothered me. 
It has taken me some time to get used to Matt  Smith. My true love will always be David  Tennant, so of course I mourned the loss of my  Doctor. After watching half of Matt’s first  season, I had my A-HA moment with Vincent and  the Doctor.Perfect episode to make me fall in  love again. He was quirky, sweet, did not have  the cynicism that Eccleston oozed, and that  David seemed to gain in the last of his  seasons. Matt found his niche in the series at  that point.
Now on to the Series 6 premier’s major issues.
So fabulous that we get to see a little more  of Rory’s fabulousness. I love Rory the Roman.  Pond is of course fabulous once again, and it  was nice to see River Song join the party in  the beginning, but what the hell is up with  The Doctor’s attitude. This is issue #1. As  soon as it was discovered that there was a  secret being hidden from him he copped a  ‘tude. Instead of seeing it as a puzzle, or  possibly the gang just thinking they know more  than him, because The Doctor always has a clue  what is up, he got snooty. He started  questioning River with a tone we haven’t heard  from him before. He has done this questioning  before, in episodes past, and it was always  just a sweet joke; but this time it seems like  they are once again trying to jam down our  throats that we don’t know who she is. Who is  River Song? We know. We don’t get to know yet.  It’s ok.

Issue #2 the pregnancy reveal. What the hell?  Really? Talk about bad timing. First of all,  why did we do this pregnancy reveal, since Amy  and River were both having nausea around the  monsters. This is either going to be a  predictable body snatchers baby thing, or Amy  is knocked up and the writers just have really  bad timing.

Issue #3 Didn’t we already do this seeing crap  out of the corner of Amy’s eye thing. The  monsters are ok. I’m not sure about their  design, as they look like a take off the  dementors from Harry Potter, and I thought  they were gonna suck the soul out of that  woman in the bathroom with that mouth, and the idea  that they can’t remember them once they turn  away is a good one really. Haven’t see that  before. However, they started off as being a  haze out of the corner of Amy’s eye, and this  has been done.

All in all a good episode, with some minor issues that could have been overlooked, but I’m a Whovian and very picky about my Doctor. Because this is a two parter, I’m looking forward to the second episode being much better. Note to the BBC Editors though, if we are supposed to believe Amy killed someone in the first part don’t show them alive and kickin’ in the reveal for the next episode. It kills the mystery.
April 26, 2011

Waxing Poetic…

Contributed by DJ

I have always wondered why we wax. Seriously – why have your hair brutally ripped out. I know, I know, no razor burn, convenience, etc. I have heard people say it’s relaxing. LIARS!
In a haste to have silky smooth legs, in a complete lapse of judgment, I asked my little Asian nail tech if waxing hurt. She “No – it no hurt, I do real good. You wax now?” I opted to make an appointment for the weekend. I brought along a good friend as she was getting her nails done, and was curious about it. She really just wanted to watch the show. Holy hell, we have all seen 40 Year Old Virgin, right. I can tell you, that is EXACTLY how it feels. I wanted to cry. I think I might have. My friend laughed so hard she almost peed herself, and she made me promise that I would bring her to every waxing appointment.
I am convinced a man or one sadistic woman created the procedure. Just shave – it’s kinder.