Doctor Who Series 6 Premier…Spoilers!

Doctor Who Series 6 began last weekend, and I  have to say I was slightly disappointed. There  were some fabulous moments, like the Doctor’s  death scene, and the mystery of it all was a  great idea. I don’t mean to say I didn’t love  it, and we didn’t all gather around the telly  totally excited for the beginning of the new  season, but there were some things that just  bothered me. 
It has taken me some time to get used to Matt  Smith. My true love will always be David  Tennant, so of course I mourned the loss of my  Doctor. After watching half of Matt’s first  season, I had my A-HA moment with Vincent and  the Doctor.Perfect episode to make me fall in  love again. He was quirky, sweet, did not have  the cynicism that Eccleston oozed, and that  David seemed to gain in the last of his  seasons. Matt found his niche in the series at  that point.
Now on to the Series 6 premier’s major issues.
So fabulous that we get to see a little more  of Rory’s fabulousness. I love Rory the Roman.  Pond is of course fabulous once again, and it  was nice to see River Song join the party in  the beginning, but what the hell is up with  The Doctor’s attitude. This is issue #1. As  soon as it was discovered that there was a  secret being hidden from him he copped a  ‘tude. Instead of seeing it as a puzzle, or  possibly the gang just thinking they know more  than him, because The Doctor always has a clue  what is up, he got snooty. He started  questioning River with a tone we haven’t heard  from him before. He has done this questioning  before, in episodes past, and it was always  just a sweet joke; but this time it seems like  they are once again trying to jam down our  throats that we don’t know who she is. Who is  River Song? We know. We don’t get to know yet.  It’s ok.

Issue #2 the pregnancy reveal. What the hell?  Really? Talk about bad timing. First of all,  why did we do this pregnancy reveal, since Amy  and River were both having nausea around the  monsters. This is either going to be a  predictable body snatchers baby thing, or Amy  is knocked up and the writers just have really  bad timing.

Issue #3 Didn’t we already do this seeing crap  out of the corner of Amy’s eye thing. The  monsters are ok. I’m not sure about their  design, as they look like a take off the  dementors from Harry Potter, and I thought  they were gonna suck the soul out of that  woman in the bathroom with that mouth, and the idea  that they can’t remember them once they turn  away is a good one really. Haven’t see that  before. However, they started off as being a  haze out of the corner of Amy’s eye, and this  has been done.

All in all a good episode, with some minor issues that could have been overlooked, but I’m a Whovian and very picky about my Doctor. Because this is a two parter, I’m looking forward to the second episode being much better. Note to the BBC Editors though, if we are supposed to believe Amy killed someone in the first part don’t show them alive and kickin’ in the reveal for the next episode. It kills the mystery.

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