Waxing Poetic…

Contributed by DJ

I have always wondered why we wax. Seriously – why have your hair brutally ripped out. I know, I know, no razor burn, convenience, etc. I have heard people say it’s relaxing. LIARS!
In a haste to have silky smooth legs, in a complete lapse of judgment, I asked my little Asian nail tech if waxing hurt. She “No – it no hurt, I do real good. You wax now?” I opted to make an appointment for the weekend. I brought along a good friend as she was getting her nails done, and was curious about it. She really just wanted to watch the show. Holy hell, we have all seen 40 Year Old Virgin, right. I can tell you, that is EXACTLY how it feels. I wanted to cry. I think I might have. My friend laughed so hard she almost peed herself, and she made me promise that I would bring her to every waxing appointment.
I am convinced a man or one sadistic woman created the procedure. Just shave – it’s kinder.


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