Druids Nerfed Again. Damn you, Blizzard!

Blizzard rolled out patch 4.1 yesterday, and my beloved Druid got nerfed again. Apparently, the priests got it pretty bad too; but I already have a love/hate relationship with my Druid, so I really don’t need her to be torn down anymore. She’s weak sauce, and does not deserve to keep getting pwnd. My Lacerate bonus is gone, my Lifebloom has been decreased, and the Starsurge damage for Balance Druids has been reduced by 20%. I hated being spec’d Balance. She was un-soloable, and I dual spec’d Feral in order to survive. No way I can play Balance with her having less ability after this patch. One bright note is they seemed to have replaced and created all new Glyphs, so at least my time in the Auction House will be once again prosperous. 

It looks like the new changes are going to good. New Dailies in major cities, including Darnassus and Iron Forge. The new Rise of Zandalari story line looks awesome. I’ve never much liked being a Troll, so maybe this will make it more interesting. Death Knights are getting more love, and they dumbed down the Hunters again. The Guild Finder and Guild Challenges will be good for level 85s who need something to do too. Not sure how I feel about the new Dungeon Finder:Call to Arms though. Waits are long enough, if you are one of the classes that is too highly represented will your wait be even longer?

Stay tuned for the next patch 4.2 coming soon.


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