Wil Wheaton…You’re My Hero

Contributed by Mika

I love Wil Wheaton.Not in the “I wanna have sex with you” way but in the “Dude, you’re so awesome, let’s be bffs.” Okay so maybe not bffs, but he’d get an invitation to hang.I grew up watching him in his movies and shows since the 80’s.I remember Stand By Me, Toy Soldiers, and Star Trek: The Next Generation with great fondness.(Though, I have to admit that when I re-watch some episodes of Star Trek: TNG, it’s not with much fondness.)

I read Wil’s blog, own his books, listen to his podcasts, and I’m damn happy he guest stars in shows I love to watch like The Guild, Big Bang Theory, Eureka, and Leverage.I find it very inspirational to read about how he balances the many facets of his life – husband, father, writer, actor, and gamer to name a few.He’s a geek after my own heart and one day I’ll meet him at a con or w00tstock, and we’ll discuss D&D and Pandemic. (A fabulous board game I found out about after reading his blog.You should try it – really, I mean it.)

What I enjoy most about Wil is that he manages to stay relevant, perhaps even more so today than back in the 80’s and 90’s. It could be because I believe we are in the Age of the Geek.We are living in a time where geeks, nerds, and dorks are the rulers of the world (maybe not politically, but socially).No longer people look upon geeks with disdain, we are respected, at least for the most part.Wil Wheaton is like a rock star in geekville.He can easily abuse his geek cred powers and lead others to the dark side, but he doesn’t.From what I know, he treats people nicely but he’s no push over.He’s very down to earth and that’s what makes him loveable.In the words of Wil himself, “Don’t be a dick!”


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