Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2

So, I think the writers of Who are getting off on messing with our heads. The intro to “Day of the Moon” couldn’t have been more confusing, but I was happy to see that no one died, especially Rory, and it was nice to see that I still loved Mark Sheppard at the end. I thought they were going to make him evil, so that The Doctor had a nemesis. No, thank you. The whole bit with River Song jumping into the Tardis pool was a little bit cheese-omatic, but it’s Doctor Who, so it’s forgiven. I am not sure about some of the intentional mystery thrown into the episode. Like eye patch woman, saying Amy is only dreaming. What?!? Why? I did love the little moment of worry that Rory had to deal with when Amy was talking to him on the recorder. I know I thought she was talking about The Doctor, and it was such a perfect moment when Rory found that she was, in fact, talking about him.
I think they are trying to deal with too many plot points, instead of giving us our entertainment and ending it on a happy note. It’s turning into a serial, and while that isn’t a bad thing, maybe they can try to have less than 5 mysteries per episode. At this point my mind is reeling with the whole Amy baby-who is River Song-How young is this Doctor if he can’t remember kissing River-How can the Doctor live if he just died and when will he die again or is that parallel gone now-Why is that little girl regenerating…(phew)… to even think of the other plots they are throwing in with the Silence.

I have seen on a few websites that the Amy is pregnant plot is going to thicken (so totally want to throw in a joke about a mucus plug here).  Stop reading if you don’t want to know anything, or maybe this is all bull and you have no worries, but some are speculating that the baby in the photo is indeed Amy’s baby, that the baby is River Song, and that the regenerating youngster is in fact River as a child. That’s kinda blowing my mind about now. A couple questions as follow up to that: Why is Amy’s baby a Time Lord? Did the Tardis give her Time Lord Baby Mama abilities just by her being in it? Why is the Tardis waffling on Amy’s pregnancy? I always thought of the Tardis as kind of this great and powerful Oz type thing, and it should know if Amy caught preggers.
I guess we will unravel this mystery together in the future, since the upcoming episode looks like we are leaving these mysteries to be unsolved once more.


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