Want whiter, brighter chompers? Go see my peeps!

Contributed by DJ

I had a fabulous experience gettting my teeth whitened.  They are not chicklet white.  They are just a natural white – like before I found coffee white!

I must admit, I was rather reserved about a FREE teeth bleaching experience.  I mean, my dentist wants $300, so how on earth can I get it FREE??? OK, so here is the scoop.  It was part of a trial.  I am pretty cool with being a guinea pig.  I can’t tell you how many times I have “modeled” for hair color and cuts at a beauty school.  I met a fabulous team!

It’s a blast – you get to wear safety glasses and be under a blue light, but NOT be shopping at Kmart.  Does it really get any cooler than that?  Give my pals a call and get your teeth bleached for only $99!!!!


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