Not sure about the new Who

Who is writing Doctor Who these days? I’m not sure that I love the feel of the show anymore. Hubs asked me why Matt Smith doesn’t have any eyebrows anymore. I swear that boy needs an eyebrow pencil. Anyway, back to the issue. This weekends show was not only unoriginal (Yay to the homage to House of Leaves, minotaur and all), but it had shades of the first time we met Martha and The Doctor loving her cleverness, along with some acid tripped montage of him running down hallways. This is coming off the heels of last weeks episode that I also was disappointed with, after reading the Doctor Who fan page update on Facebook that it was going to be a tear-jerker. Hop to it writers. I’m fading fast.

I still don’t have much history of alien races. I think there was ample opportunity for us to learn about the naked mole rat man, as well as learning why the humans would have ended up in the hotel, outnumbering the vast amount of aliens in the universe that could have been chosen. Seems odd to have a 3:1 ratio of human to alien. It’s obvious the whole episode was leaning, once again, toward us seeing The Doctor as a self-absorbed “god complex”ed ego maniac. Haven’t we been down this road before? This whole self-realization thing The Doctor has to go through each season is not necessary. He retains his memories from regeneration to regeneration. HE IS AWARE! Less preachy more alien adventures please.

Questions! Is he really going to ditch my love Rory and Amy, who has lived her companion lifespan of 2(+) years? Is bringing back the Cybermen going to bring this show back to it’s old self?

Only time will tell I suppose. Here’s hoping we have a great original story with the Cybermen next weekend.


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