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November 16, 2011

Mario the Murderer…Really!?!

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has always been in the background of my mind. I totally support the whole idea behind what they stand for. I live near cute little baby cows and have done the vegetarian duty to not eat them. I also don’t wear fur in real life. In game is a different story…however, in game isn’t f-ing real!! PETA has crossed the line and put their over the top views into my territory now and I’m doing major eye rolls over this new campaign against Mario. Super Mario 3D has been released, much to our delight, and is now the victim of PETA’s slaughter. Mario is once again donning the Tanooki suit and apparently this is encouraging our youth to wear fur and slaughter animals. Really? Mario the murderer?

The website for the activist group has a photo of a blood dripping Tanooki head being held by a blood soaked fur wearing Mario and a terribly disturbing video of a bunch of real tanuki, a raccoon like dog, being killed by traders. The beginning of the video states, “Tanooki beware there’s a plumber on the loose and he’s after your skin” “Mario kills Tanooki”. They have created a game called Super Tanooki Skin 2D, where a skinned and bloodied Tanooki is racing after Mario to get his skin back.

BACK OFF, PETA! I’m almost positive that the point of this fun loving game is NOT to create the bloody nightmares you are putting out there for today’s video game fans. Also, why all of a sudden? This isn’t the first time Mario has used his Tanooki suit to save the day. Leave Mario alone. Don’t you have some millionaire dog fighter to pick on?