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December 25, 2011

A Very Dorky Holiday

Happy Christmas, my friends. It’s been a fun filled day in the Darling Dork home. Hubby opened his awesome LED watch from Think Geek (and when I saw the very same monkey box arrive by UPS yesterday, I couldn’t help resist yelling, “Monkey Box” every time he walked by so he could see my excitement at my soon to be opened geeky gifts). We spent quality time with the hubby side of the family last night, and Skyped with the Dork side of the family this morning.
It’s a very Dorky Christmas, Charlie Brown, with the awesomely dorky loot around the house now. I am one of those that likes to give rather than receive, but it was super fun to open the Think Geek loot and see what I got.
1 Retro phone bluetooth for my cell
1 super duper laptop cooler
1 GLaDOS PotatOS
She is so freaking cool!

Hope you all have a very happy and very safe holiday. May all your dorky dreams come true!
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December 17, 2011

The Darling Dork’s Ultimate Holiday Wish List

No matter what holiday you celebrate, be it Christmas, Festivus, or the Feast of Winter Veil, you are no doubt creating some sort of holiday wish list of those wonderful little gizmos and gadgets you have needed an excuse to buy all year. I have also been wishing oh wishing for some geeky treasures, and even made the cut off for getting my hubby’s gift here from ThinkGeek before the Christmas delivery cutoff. I decided to share some of the wonderment that this awesome thing called the “internets” has to offer us Dorks, Geeks and Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebies, and create my Ultimate Holiday Wish List.

We’ll start with Gaming

Portal 2 Long Fall Socks 

World of Warcraft Alliance Hoodie

Home is Where the Hearthstone Tee (this has been on my list 2 years running)

All Your Base sticker
It’s a classic that doesn’t lose it’s awesome.

Lament of the Highborne Sheet Music 
I choose to extort the fact that my daughter plays the viola, and make her learn this music. It is just beautiful and the fact that I have 3 Belfs at or around lvl 16 just so I can do this quest more than once and hear this song is just sad awesome.
World of Warcraft Sheet Music - Lament of the Highborne
Gnome Warlock with Voidwalker Figure
Hey, that’s me!

Gnome Warlock, Valdremar with Voidwalker Premium Action Figure

ANYTHING on Digital Soaps Etsy site
Seriously awesome and oh ya! I need that…and that…and that too.
Companion Cube Soap NEW Version, Mountain Dew-Type Scent by Gamer and Geek Soap Inventor DigitalSoap

Gaming Keys Keyboard Pillow
Just pure fun
Computer Gaming Keys on Keyboard Pillow- WASD

King of Tokyo Board Game because really you know you ultimately want to take over Japan with your rubber suited friends…

My Other Sword is a Vorpal sticker
My love for Alice in literature, comics, gaming, etc is unending.

My kitchen is not nearly geeked out enough so…..
Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Tray

Rubik’s Cube Salt and Pepper Mill

Robocup Measuring Cups

Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster
This is the only “imprinting” that should be allowed in pop culture (ya, I’m talking to you creepy Stephanie Meyer)

Fred Ninjabread Men cookie cutters

just your average I NEED THAT
Kid Robot Munny (oh the possibilities)

Custom Painted Star Wars Heels (well I am the DARLING Dork afterall)
Want….need….oh my god I have to have these!!!

Last but not least on my list….
Colin Ferguson. Yes, I’m married, but helloooo…Colin Ferguson. (Hi, honey. Call me.) Hubby will understand.

A tutor for WoW TCG. Ya, I’m a frickin’ genius and still haven’t figured out how to play. I could make a really cool house of cards with how many decks I have though. No. Really. It’s sad to think they just sit here for me to gaze at and not play. Any volunteers??

Last year was my Doctor Who Holiday when I got my Adipose squeezy doll and my Doctor T-Shirt. Wonder what this year will bring….we’ll see.

Happy Holidays/Festivus/Winter Veil/Christmas, my friends! May it be warm, bright and full of fabulous geekery.

December 16, 2011

Imperial March Floppy Drive

Love! Found this on Geekgasm , which is one of the most awesome websites out there, and I recommend any true dork or geek at heart go there when you are done watching this awesome video and reading the rest of my awesome blogs. Cheers!