A Very Dorky Holiday

Happy Christmas, my friends. It’s been a fun filled day in the Darling Dork home. Hubby opened his awesome LED watch from Think Geek (and when I saw the very same monkey box arrive by UPS yesterday, I couldn’t help resist yelling, “Monkey Box” every time he walked by so he could see my excitement at my soon to be opened geeky gifts). We spent quality time with the hubby side of the family last night, and Skyped with the Dork side of the family this morning.
It’s a very Dorky Christmas, Charlie Brown, with the awesomely dorky loot around the house now. I am one of those that likes to give rather than receive, but it was super fun to open the Think Geek loot and see what I got.
1 Retro phone bluetooth for my cell
1 super duper laptop cooler
1 GLaDOS PotatOS
She is so freaking cool!

Hope you all have a very happy and very safe holiday. May all your dorky dreams come true!
Photo courtesy of theamericankid.com

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