Penny Arcade to the Rescue

I just got done reading the email chain between Ocean Marketing’s Paul Christoforo, Dis-satisfied Customer Dave, and Penny Arcade co-founder Mike Krahulik, along with the subsequent article about the end result of the whole thing on This is some crazy shit! I love the little interjections from Gabe, though. Too funny!

I gotta give kudos to Dave for sticking to his guns and bringing a little light to the problem, and also for Mike Krahulik for coming to the rescue. It’s never ok for a customer to be treated this way, and to have big backing like this is nothing short of rad. It’s good that a customer getting the shaft would still want to support the product, and not want to stop their marketing, no matter how he was treated. It seems that, sadly, people are giving the product a bad review based on the customer treatment, which, in my opinion, is not cool since this product has the opportunity to bring a new gaming experience to those in need. It sounds like the products maker is trying to make things right by getting a new person to head the customer service here and all should be right in the gaming world again. Hate the player, not the game on this one, my friends.

Now that I have done my serious dorky gamer rant, make sure to read the email chain and then watch this little video depicting the whole scene.

Remember, kids, don’t be a douchebag, cause you never know, I maybe kind might be a follower of Cliffy B on Twitter, or best buds with the bouncer at the convention center.


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