The I Want Thats of CES 2012

Though CES 2012 isn’t over yet, I have already got my sites set on the awesomeness that is new tech. So far so good on the things to come front, I am gonna start my Dear Santa letter off with

Ssiss Army penknife SSD

Swiss Army 1TB drive

the 1TB USB drive. Are you freaking kidding me? This is like crack to me. Walking around with my whole world tucked nicely into my purse, and not only is it a 1TB USB drive, it’s a freaking Swiss Army Knife drive. That just takes the awesomeness level to wicked awesome. This little baby will only knock you back around (gasp) $2000, and it will be available in April.


Parrot Zik headphones

Next on the list of Yes, Please! is the Parrot Zik headphones. Not only are they designed to be one of the best noise cancellation headphones ever, but you can use swiping to control volume and forwarding through tracks. I watched the Digital Experience coverage on AOTS and maybe it was the way Kevin was flicking that headphone, or the excitement that rang in me with the idea of true noise cancelling headphones, but these are going to be a must have.

Lytro Light Field Camera

Oh and lest I forget the Lytro Light Field Camera. This little big gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lets you do post-production focusing. This is just too rad. What it means is when I’m trying to take a sneaky pic of someone the Lytro Light Field Camera will shoot light in all directions, so I can’t mess up the shot, my phones slow ass processor won’t affect how blurry the photo ends up, and I can look at it after I’ve been stealthy to fix the shot and make the subject of my stalkery come into focus. Seriously though, one of it’s claims is that you don’t have to worry about low light shots anymore, because it’s lighting the entire scene. I really want to see this in action, especially when I’m in a poorly lit concert and photoshop just isn’t making magic. They’re calling it “living pictures”, I’m calling it Awesomesauce! 8GB approx 350 photos $399 or 16GB 750 photos $499.

To be continued…..


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  1. Excellent article, thanks!

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