Comic Reading Geek Girl

Over the years it had never occurred to me that I wasn’t “normal” for frequenting comic shops or playing video games. Hell, if I ever get divorced there is going to be a battle over my beautiful Mark Newman Wolverine maquette, which sits right next to my Mighty Mugg Skrull and the Kotobukiya Biker Scout. My point is, these things are mine…and I’m a girl. I play Warcraft, have my name on the reader board at the local arcade for kicking ass at Tekken Tag, go through major withdrawals when Doctor Who isn’t on, love Portal 2, and collect comic books. I want to be a writer for Zenescope, Image or Blizzard when I grow up. However, in the last few days there has been news of a booth babe at CES who reportedly doesn’t understand women in the tech field, saying on a video released by BBC News, “I don’t know any that choose the tech world, so to say, over shopping, or cooking, or something like that..or taking care of kids.” I have no problem with Booth Babes. It’s a good marketing strategy, and who doesn’t appreciate a hot girl. I do have a problem with a women who doesn’t get that there is more to life than shopping and cooking. Shortly after that, Kevin Smith was interviewed by ThinkProgress where he spoke about comics being a male dominated industry, in both writing and reading. Writing, yes, but reading? That makes me sad. Why aren’t women reading comics? A friend of mine asked me why there was so much T&A in my favorite funny books, and I responded by telling her it doesn’t bring lack of depth to my stories just because there are hot women on and in the pages of the book. It’s not like I’m leaving my Lost Girls out on the coffee table. The small amount of T&A just doesn’t bother me..and Lost Girls stays under my bed. 

When I first moved to Idaho, I was asked to lunch by my sisters-in-law, who had all come over to our home to welcome us. Upon their arrival to our home, I felt their disapproving looks of the framed Wonder Woman and Boba Fett comics on the wall. I knew they thought it was odd that I have a collection of Pachinko machines out for the world to see; and when they got me to lunch the first question I was asked was, “you don’t really like that stuff, do you?,” implying that my husband made me put this décor on our walls. Yes. Yes, I do. I also relate better to my brothers-in-law and my husband than they do. While those wives are asking for trips to Hawaii and diamond rings, I’m asking for a trip to Emerald City Comic Con and a month of WoW play time. Does this make me strange? I hope not.

I am not the only girl at the game store on WoWTCG night. I follow a plethora (yes, I would say a plethora) of geek girls on Twitter and my RSS feeds, and they all seem to like comics just as much as I do. I believe that geek girls are coming out more and more, which is breaking a stereotype and freaking people out. It’s time to rejoice in the geek girls who aren’t afraid of who they are. We aren’t all fat. We aren’t all bespeckled (well, I am), and we aren’t all coyote ugly. Next time you see a girl at the comic store, say hi rather than staring at her like she’s a freak, and encourage her to come back with friends. My husband’s friends tell him he’s lucky. You could be too. Geeky girls love smart, geeky boys.


5 Responses to “Comic Reading Geek Girl”

  1. There is nothing wrong with your interest in comics and such. I really don’t know what normal is, never could figure that definition out. I grew up with a mentally retarded brother and to me he’s just as cool any other sibling. I don’t think my situation any different than anyone else’s. I happen to love writers such as Vonnegut, Steinbeck, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, Vonnegut, oops, did I say him again, he’s my most favorite one of all!
    Let’s just say you and I stand out and have great taste!


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