World of Warcraft in the News Again

…but this time it’s on a happier note. My favorite MMORPG will forever be known as that game that destroys marriages/relationships/careers/lives (moderation people…it’s not that hard); but not anymore, now it’s that game that saves lives., a Norwegian news publication, reported that a twelve year old boy, Hans Jørgen Olsen from Leksvik in North-Trøndelag, saved his sister using moves he learned in World of Warcraft. The boy and his sister were on their way to school, when they reportedly took a shortcut and came eye to eye with a large moose.  To save his sister, Hans used a move called “Taunt”, a skill used by Protection Warriors, which takes the focus off the weaker player and puts it on a tank. After getting the attention of the moose off his sister, he remembered a skill he learned at level 30, which Hunter players have often used in a time of danger, “Feign Death.” It worked effectively and the moose lost interest and wandered away.

Though Hans did suffer some bruises from being butted by the moose, his backpack took most of the damage, and this little Human Hunter saved the day.

FRYKTLØS: Hans Jørgen Olsen (12) opptrådte rolig og kalkulerende da elgen sto over han.

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