Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men is coming soon

I recently mentioned in an article that Kevin Smith was talking about the comic book industry being a male dominated industry. What he was doing during said time was promoting his new show Comic Book Men, which I am completely excited about. Four guys work at a Jersey comic shop, and spend their days having “circular debates about the technical accuracy of the USS Enterprise’s warp-core schematics,” and being obnoxiously educated by fanboys who know everything possible about the history of their favorite comics. With field trips, collectibles and clips from Kevin Smith’s podcast, its real life awesomeness at its best. The age of the geek is upon us, and its so nice to be able to add a little reality TV wit to a Snooki and Kim K worshiping world. Here’s are two preview clips of the show, which airs on AMC, after Walking Dead, on February 12th. This FanGIRL thinks February 12th just became a holiday.

Quick question/Sidenote: The clip says “series premiere February 12th right after the Walking Dead“; however, AMC promises that my favorite post Walking Dead show Talking Dead , the live post show about The Walking Dead with guests like Robert Kirkman and hosted by everyone’s favorite Nerd Overlord, Chris Hardwick, will have a new Episode on Feb. 12. Conflict?? I hope not. You can all play nice if you get into a nice neat and orderly lineup.


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