Music for the Masses


Have you heard of DigSin? It’s new and modern, and it is going to make you very happy. DigSin is a new record label that is breaking off from the norm of making gobs of money by bringing free music to the masses. The past few months have brought about their website and friends and followers can sign up to receive news and information, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and get a link to their free downloads straight to their inbox. I have yet to meet them, but any friend of music is a friend of mine. The first download they sent me is quite fun, NNXT‘s “DRNK TXTNG.”

DigSin, which stands for Digital Single, will be focusing on “single song releases,” according to an interview conducted with Hypebot. “DigSin is the result of years of examining the new ways music fans find and listen to music,” Executive Jay Frank told Hypebot. “We are committing ourselves to expose new songs in a targeted, organic way that enables us to be a trusted filter to music fans.”

In the height of the controversy over copyright infringement and piracy, I say Bravo, Sir! Bravo for fulfilling a need and taking the time to understand your audience and find out what they want.

If you have a minute, pop on over to DigSin, see what they’re doing, watch their video about why they’re doing it, and be their friend. I’m excited about the possibility of change that DigSin is creating here.



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