It’s Big Brother…for gamers?

UK Channel 4 has created a new reality show of sorts, directly aiming at PC Gamers, or more specifically Sims fans. I personally love The Sims, played through Sims 3, before realizing I wanted some social interaction in my life. Where else could I be a successful and well-paid writer with the click of a button, have an abundance of free money and own a speeder bike as my first car? The new web series, SuperMes, is exactly like playing the Sims, but with a witty writing team and a perfectly timed narrator to point out the odd idiosyncrasies of all that is Sims 3.

Creators of the show set four Sims up with a nice house, gave them individual personality traits, and hoped for the best. What they got was very similar to reality TV. The two main female characters get into a fist fight, because one is away from home for the first time and not adjusting well, while the other is a self centered egotist who only wants to talk about herself. The male leads are oblivious to any issue in the house and seem to enjoy cuddling with each other.

Three episodes are currently available and watching the progression of the personalities is amazing. Remember, these Sims were basically set it and forget it. The actions they take and the decisions they make are completely of their own Sims will. According to the production website, “We hoped they’d all get on okay. We knew sometimes they’d all hate each other. What we hoped was that, whatever happened, it would be crazy, exciting, sad, happy and – of course – funny.”

To add to the experience, there are games that you can play, a Facebook page to interact with and a page of cheat codes for life. Apparently, these are supposed to help you outside of game. It’s big fun over at the SuperMes website and a bit easier to digest than Jersey Shore.

Watch the drama unfold in the first episode


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