Hungering for a New Idea in Hollywood

The idea that Hollywood has run out of ideas is running rampant in my head lately. They killed Footloose. Total Recall is being remade, but I’m not complaining because I could look at Colin Farrell for two hours straight even if he weren’t speaking. The Crow is being remade, and there is no way you will ever get me on board with Mark “you’ll always be Marky Mark to me” Wahlberg playing a part that was immortalized by Brandon Lee. Hunger Games is coming out soon, and honestly, if you want to see Hunger Games just watch Battle Royal. Hunger Games is Battle Royale for an American audience, because Battle Royale is full of Japanese crazy over the top-ed…ness. Yes, it’s not a word, but if you watch Japanese films the way I do, you know what I’m talking about. Battle Royale is magnificent, over the top, bloodshed of awesome, and there is no way a large portion of American audiences could appreciate it. It seems there were talks of making an American version of BR, but due to the release of Hunger Games the idea was shelved. Glad I’m not the only one who sees that Suzanne Collins’ idea wasn’t exactly original. I’m delighted she is successful, and the books are great. It just proves the point that there are no original ideas anymore.

Could we all be experiencing Morphic Fields? Could Hollywood be out of ideas, so it’s time to start remaking all the favorite movies of the 80s? Hell, they’re even remaking movies from the 90s. The reasons elude me. At first I thought it was to bring great movies to younger audiences, but we have Blu-Ray for that. I’m out of ideas. Oh wait….ya, so is Hollywood. I think it’s time to start protesting the remake movement, and start calling upon writers to throw out some original content. Please. Hurry. Quick. I heard there’s another American Pie movie coming out.


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