Valentine Procrastinators Don’t Fret…you can still have a happy VD

Waited til the last minute to send a Valentine greeting to your geek love? Afraid road side flowers won’t send the right message? Never fear,  it’s not too late to still show you care, in your own awesome way.

Our pals over at ThinkGeek have put printable Valentine cards up for you to print, personalize and give to that special someone.

Digital Mom Blog also has some nerd sentiments to send along that will say exactly what’s in that programmer heart of yours. If she was able to capture your little IT encrusted heart, make sure to tell her how special she is this Valentine’s Day.

Photo Credit

Are you and your nerd love already planning for the zombie apocalypse? If so, head over to someecards to send one of their Walking Dead ecards. She or he will know you will be with them through thick and thin, and when it’s time to take them out.


Photo Credit

For that Kaiju lover in your life, don’t forget to send over this Valentine’s Day tribute to the “King of Monsters”

Here’s a few more Valentines to honor this day full of hearts, flowers, and hopefully in my case a 2 TB external hard drive. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and know that I ❤ all of you.



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