Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D- Uncle George got it right

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D Poster

Over the weekend we took the kids to see Star Wars Episode 1. Being a member of the 501st, my husband was on hand for the first release of Episode 1, and was one of the many fans that were disappointed. After so many years of growing up loving Star Wars movies, buying every one of the released and then re-released action figures, and late night runs to Taco Bell to make sure he had a complete set of collectibles, it was disappointing for him and most fans to watch the bad acting and ridiculousness that is Episode 1. I chalk it up to bad marketing. The boys at heart who wanted to relive this great action science fantasy didn’t get what they paid for, and everyone got mad at Lucas. Instead of being mad at sweet Uncle George, I’m glad that he decided to try again and this time around marketed Episode 1 correctly.

The kids were totally stoked to see Episode 1 in 3D. They weren’t around for it the first time, and we are all diehard fans. We knew it was going to be the same silliness that it is; the absurd dialogue of Jar Jar Binks, Jake Lloyd’s terrible acting (which honestly paved the way right into Hayden Christensen’s portrayal of Anakin the Mannequin, so whatever), the awkward ick factor of 18 year old Natalie Portman and 10 year old Jake Lloyd. What made this film perfect this time around was not the storyline; it was what came before the movie, a trailer for the new SpiderMan, a friendly reminder for us to put on our glasses by the birds from Rio, and a Scrat short. It was marketed as a children’s movie. I was in the right frame of mind to watch it, because I spent 15 minutes prior getting into the same frame of mind I had when I took the kids to see Up or Cars. We all laughed our way through it, were awed by the depth that the movie was given with the use of 3D, and had a great time, so I say thank you, George Lucas. Thank you for giving my family Episode 1 in 3D and for doing it right.


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