Sourpatch Releases Video from Upcoming Album

San Jose, California’s Sourpatch has released a new video of the song Things You Say from their upcoming album Stagger and Fade out February 28th. Gaining national acclaim for their first album Crushin’, in 2011, they have been featured in the Village Voice, on NPR, and in Bust magazine. This new album looks to be even better. The Things You Say video showcases the excitement that it is to be Sourpatch “the sound of infatuation, it’s the sound of being young, it’s the sound of hoping against hope. It’s rollercoaster melodies and caffeinated rhythms. It’s buying a lottery scratch ticket and knowing this one’s going to be the winner, the one that changes your life forever.”  Sourpatch “endorses a gender freeing, queer positive, all-ages, feminist hinking, crush worthy lifestyle.” Above all the music and the video are fresh and fun.

HHBTM Records


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