Oh! The Places Fox News Will Go


Oh, Fox News, you’ve done it again, rearing an ignorant head in the face of children’s entertainment. News anchor Lou Dobbs has come out striking at what he calls “an unmentionable” aimed to “indoctrinate our children” “plainly with an agenda.” The targets of the upheaval are the new Disney/Studio Ghibli film The Secret World of Arrietty and The Lorax, which according to the report fights rampant industrialism and is promoting eco-friendly products.  To which I have to say, “Are you serious?” To add to the most ridiculous 5 minutes I have ever lost in my life, there was an Obama montage, because… well… I don’t know why. He’s not in Hollywood. But he may as well be because apparently “the President’s liberal friends in Hollywood are targeting younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children.” The panel, made up of Lou Dobbs and 3 news radio personalities, are calling these movies “insidious nonsense from Hollywood.” I love the word insssssidiousssss. It needs to be said breathily and with fervor. The panel voiced that we are giving up our job to parent to Hollywood, and reminds us that it is our job to parent and our job to “force correct” the messages our kids hear. Matt Patrick, one of the conservative radio talk show hosts, is accusing those who believe that watching these movies is not blasphemous of creating “occu-toddlers.” Watchers have to love the headline that is on the screen toward the end of the rant “Tree-Hugging Dr. Seuss Character Featured in New Universal Movie.”

Is The Lorax or The Borrowers new to these commentators? Are Dr. Seuss and the magical tales of lesson learning a concept that has never been brought up before? They aren’t new to most. Beloved children’s stories with and without messages have been a part of growing up for generations. Amelia Bedelia taught me not to put a tuxedo on a turkey when it calls for dressing. Lesson learned! The Lorax isn’t a new story and this isn’t the first time that the story has come under fire. The logging companies had a field day with it, and many more have had issues with tales of learning lessons that are, hopefully, going to shape healthy young minds as they grow up. These aren’t the first movies that are going to address social commentary and they certainly aren’t the last. Even Happy Feet had a lesson for the fishing industry. Stop messing up the planet!

While I don’t choose to wax political, I hope that people will understand that movies that have an underlying message about the future of the environment and the world, while entertaining (and hopefully educating) an audience of any age, are in no way harmful. If you have to ignore the message, at least enjoy the show.


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