Johnny Marr Gives Insight into Smiths Reunion

Hubby and I have an agreement that the only man I will ever leave him for is Johnny Marr. S’all good. He’s okay with it. After all, The Smiths lead guitarist and I share a city, when he’s on this side of the pond, and he’s just that cool.

At the NME Awards, broadcast on March 3rd, Johnny picked up the Best Reissue award for The Smith’s compilation he released last year. Eight of The Smiths albums were re-mastered the way he had always wanted to hear them, and garnered accolades that were well deserved. After the awards show, Marr was met with questions about the award (the first The Smiths have ever received), his relationship with Morrissey, and whether releasing The Smiths’ COMPLETE left him with a desire to reunite The Smiths. Lately, I have been seeing rumors floating about the interwebs pertaining to a Smiths reunion, so I was primed to hear what Johnny Marr thought about the subject. As I suspected, the rumors are untrue and there is no talk of my favorite 80s band reuniting. Under what circumstances would they reunite? If the current UK government falls he promises to bring The Smiths back together.

On a positive note, I’m glad to hear that angsty Morrissey and my beloved Johnny are still on speaking terms. In the interview with NME he said, “I don’t not speak to him, because that implies a certain standoff or whatever. He’s doing his thing and I’m doing mine, and we go through periods of time when we’re in communication and at times when we’re not. I’m not sure he wants to communicate, so I’ll just carry on doing what I’m doing, and live my life and be a musician.” Bravo, sir.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the UK government falls and the rest of you can watch the entire NME interview.

Another little tidbit: Did you know The Smiths have a previously unreleased documentary video? Watch it here on NME. The documentary was originally given out to the press to support the release of the band’s ‘Best Of’ compilation in 1992. The promo was released by Rhino, the UK label which handled the re-issue.



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