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The Shredder in Boise was treated to a showcase of hip hop talent from Boise and Salt Lake City, in honor of the CD release of George Life & the Bridge’s new CD “Lion”. Once focused on hip hop, but opening up their music to a broader audience, George Life & the Bridge offer up a ska punk sound in a very similar style to Sublime. Living the life, having a blast, and telling tales, singer/DJ/Emcee George McDonald, AKA GeorgeLife, also plays ukulele, while Spence Bridges, AKA the Bridge, adds bass, keyboards, djembe, guitar, and harmonica to the diverse sound that makes George Life & the Bridge what they are today. As beat mixer, The Bridge started playing piano at age four, picked up guitar and drums (drum set, percussion, and hand drums) in junior high, and started producing beats at 18. GeorgeLife & The Bridge met when they were kids and have a long history of playing and touring together, including performances with Slick Rick, Flobots, Hollywood Undead, Mickey Avalon, The Alkaholics, Sage Francis, Masta Ace, and Cypress Hill. They have a musical synchronicity that creates a full sound and an incredibly entertaining show. They have a way of bringing the audience into their music, getting them moving, and easily shifting them from their new ska sound to back to their 90s hip hop roots.

Take a little listen to the title track off the new “Lion” release, and pop on over to iTunes to grab your copy.

GeorgeLife & The Bridge are touring now, and picking up another tour this spring to promote a new album collaboration with Ariano and DJ LD. You can stay updated on their touring info on but don’t miss these upcoming shows, if you’re in the area.

Feb 18 at LV Ski and Snowboard Resort – Las Vegas, NV – 3rd Rail Jam
Feb 23 at Seattle, WA at 8:00 PM Faire Gallery Cafe-Bar
Feb 24 Big Johns Place – Hillsboro, OR
Feb 25 at Mt. Hood Park… at 11:00 AM 3rd Rail Jam
Mar 2 Woodshed – SLC, UT
Mar 9 Liquid Joes – SLC, UT

April tour with Ariano, DJ “LD”, GeorgeLife & The Bridge.

April 4 Tempe, AZ the Blunt Club
April 5 Cortes, CO
April 6, Farmington, NM
April 7 Colo Springs, CO
April 8 Boulder, CO
April 9 Denver, CO
TBA Ft. Collins, SLC, Boise, Bozeman

Summer Festival schedule (subject to change)

May 18 – 19 Elemental BreakDown Festival in BOISE
June 1 – 3 Bobolink Music Festival in NorCal
June 7 – 10 Desert Rocks Music Festival – Moab, UT
June 23 – 26 Utah Arts Festival – Salt Lake City, UT

Opening the “Lion” release party was a platform for a revival of 90s hip hop, reminiscent of early Snoop Dogg, Eminem, or Rappin’ 4-Tay “Players Club.” I knew the night was going to be a win when The Shredder (venue) put De La Soul’s Me, Myself & I on the overhead while the artists were getting ready to go on stage.

The music scene in and around Boise is just starting to rear its head with memorable performers, so I was curious if this style of hip hop was new to the area or if this was a revival. I’ve found that it’s a revival.  A resurgence of a style of music that has permeated our culture to the point that one can find very talented hip hop artists outside of mainstream settings, as we are finding in Salt Lake City and Boise.

Growing up through the evolution of hip hop, I have an opportunity to hear the influences that this new breed of artists is bringing with them, but also see them adding an array of other musical influences to the mix. Two of the most memorable opening performances of the night were Dumb Luck, an artist under the same producer as GeorgeLife & The Bridge, who was channeling a little Rage Against the Machine, and Bryan “Phact” Funk, a Boise artist who has already made a name for himself in the rap and hip hop arena.

My only complaint of the evening is that the venue, The Shredder, is not well known in the community and that made for a smaller audience than these talented performers deserved. The musical style that The Shredder brings in, along with the skate punk (complete with ramp), garage bar atmosphere, deserves a little more attention from Boise music lovers.


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