OWSLA Summer Tour


OWSLA Summer Tour

Reviewer Darling Dork

The Knitting Factory was brought to life last night, with the OWSLA Summer Tour featuring SkrillexZedd and Porter Robinson. Boise has a young scene of ravers, but their energy could fill the entire state of Idaho, as they were primed and ready for the show of their lives.

Porter RobinsonPorter Robinson hit the stage after Zedd’s triumphant set, and he kept the crowd happy and dancing. This Beatport baby is a young fresh face to the electro house/dub-step landscape, and had the crowd saying his name. Not bad for someone who was simultaneously finishing high school and creating an unforgettable beat on a world tour. Porter Robinson is very midnight on BBC1, and is holding his own among the greats he’s touring with. His set was filled with a blurring mix of electro, dub-step, vocal and bass, and he mixed these genres so well, the crowd didn’t know what was coming next, and couldn’t wait for more. He definitely blurred the lines of the electro genre brilliantly.


Not since Kenneth Thomas has an opening set had so much dominance and crowd pleasing music, as Zedd. The Legend of Zedd, as he shall now be known, after stealing the scene with his Zelda Electrixx Remix and Dovregubben, a little Tetris throwback, appealing to our vintage senses. Mixing 8 bit sounds with high energy beats and bass lines is his specialty, and Zedd hit the mark warming this crowd up for the main event. Zedd, a German prodigy who has been playing music since his childhood, has remixed the greats and has excelled on the Electro House charts. He pulled out all the stops for the Boise crowd, not only getting their feet moving, but having them singing out loud to his remix of the Black Eyed Peas “The Time (Dirty Bit)”. Zedd is one to watch control the scene.

The anticipation of Skrillex’s set was killing the crowd, and when he stepped foot on the stage, the uproar could be heard blocks away. Skrillex walked on stage, greeting the crowd with “this one’s for Idaho…or you-da-ho”, and then promptly tore it up, with a mix like no other. His signature sound of quick change beats, bass line, vocals, and high energy dub-step penetrated the Knitting Factory. There is no way to pigeon-hole Skrillex into


one electro genre. He governs them all- psy, goa, vocal trance, 2-step- you name it, he was on it. He even threw in a bit of hip hop. His strand of wobble was unpredictable, and he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand, and answering to his every prompt. He wooed the crowd into a high energy frenzy, waking Boise up like none have before. I didn’t think they had it in them. Impressive, Sir! What Skrillex is creating is a breath of fresh air rarely seen in this neck of the woods. He brought Boise a new dimension of music.

 After the first few sets, the lights and sounds were brought to a new level of high, and the mass of listeners was singing along to “All I Ask of You”; a crowd favorite. When he pulled out “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” Skrillex had the crowd screaming “Oh My God!!!” His digital hearts were flashing his love to the Boise audience, and he even jumped out into the audience to feed their need for more. Skrillex praised the diverse Boise spectators pointing out the “wiggers, gangsters, preppy people, the good dancers, and the ravers” and then just when they thought it was all over he came out for a dynamic encore. Creating a wave of silence, Skrillex asked the crowd to honor the late great Ryan Dunn with a ten second moment of silence. As a reward he dedicated his hit “Cinema” to Ryan, which was met with raging approval, and the wave of their scream could be tangibly experienced. He had the men pull any “pretty ladies” they were standing next to up on their shoulders for the encore, and the second story of women came magnificently to life.

Skrillex is a pioneer in the evolution of techno, bringing the genre to a new level. He sampled what the crowd wanted to hear, and gave them new information to process. If the followers weren’t ravers when they walked in they were when they walked out.


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