AM & Shawn Lee

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Indie artist AM isn’t, by any means, new to the music scene. His songs are featured in television shows like Big Love and Brothers and Sisters. He’s been written up, reviewed and loved by music critics on both sides of the pond, and now he is bringing us a little something different.

AM has teamed up with London based Shawn Lee, and this dynamic duo is set for their UK and France tour in January and February; promoting their album “Celestial Electric.” The music they offer is fresh, new and not to be pigeon-holed into this genre or that. Listening to their new Daytrotter recording and the albums they offer on both their Facebook page and their official website, they have been making beautiful music with a mix of synth, funk and electronic pop. Take some time to get to know AM & Shawn Lee. They’ve got a second album planned for release in May of 2012. In the meantime, download your free copy of Somebody Like You (Fort Knox Five Remix) from their Facebook page, after you’ve given them a “Like,” and take a listen to City Boy here.


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