Dana Falconberry- Though I Didn’t Call it Came


Dana Falconberry has decided to tease her audience by releasing what her website calls “…a prelude to a full-length release recorded during the same session, which will be released later in 2012.” “Though I Didn’t Call it Came”  is a sweet, campy, toe tapping quad of songs, with a hint of Regina Spektor, a lot of whimsy and an array of instruments ranging from wine glasses and whistling to a child’s piano and clapping.

Starting off with “Petoskey Stone,” a song that is now officially on my sing in the shower playlist, Dana brings back a happy tune, a welcome addition to the music scene in any decade and any genre. Conversely, “Possum Song” brings things down and feels a bit “old timey”, with the use of a haunting, hollow piano sound. She’s folky, but not stuck in the genre. “Muskegon”, (though short and sweet), and “Maple Leaf Kid”, which starts off with a whistle and engages us with a kid’s piano, has lyrics like “thoughts of you my darling, floating in my head,” which makes her just too darling, and makes me want to set her up with my best friend. This whimsy and tickling of my emotions are the reasons I fell in love with this little preview of a new album I can’t wait for.

Though I Didn’t Call It Came comes out January 24th, 2012 on Crossbill Records

Click here for a free download of the lead single “Petoskey Stone”

Dana Falconberry – Petoskey Stone from One Story Productions on Vimeo.


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