DrunkSouls- Revolution

DrunkSouls, an independent French band from Marseille, has been making music since 2002 and has been forging a path for themselves steadily in the last few years. With over 100,000 downloads of their first LP, use of their music on the crazy awesome documentary trailer “I Believe I Can Fly,” and a place on stage at the Grand Auditorium du Palais des Festivals de Cannes, there is no doubt DrunkSouls is carving a notch on the tree of greatness.

Their new album “Revolution” shows a mix of jangle pop and brass added to funk and disco, and displays their diverse background, which they’ve brought together to create a inimitable sound. DrunkSouls has been put into the reggae rock category, but definitely has the ability to groove. By the 3rd song, J’ai fait un reve, I had experienced so much more than one genre of music. Yes, there is a reggae vibe, yes, there is an island feel, but there is depth and exploration of other sounds mixed in with it all. “Revolution” is a “16 track album offering a new trip through the original musical world of the band always littered with multiple influences.” The full album is available for streaming on SoundCloud and their YouTube videos are worth a peep. Viddy well, me droogies.


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