Ed Vallance- Volcano


It took me about a half a song to fall head over heels for Ed Vallance, while listening to his upcoming release “Volcano”. London born, but Brooklyn living, Ed Vallance is for those of us who still wish The Smiths were together. His swift guitar, crooning beautiful voice, and sweet sentiment has me whispering, “Hi, honey. Call me.” A welcome addition to the new British Invasion, this is Ed’s second album, and if you love Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and Moz you will love this album. Seriously, by the 4th track, Cowboys and Indians, I found myself saying, “My god, I love you.”  The guitar is reminiscent of Dead Souls by NIN or Burn by The Cure (two of my favorite songs by the by). Ed changes his tune (no pun intended) on the title track Volcano, upbeat and happy, with a little something special, and takes the rest of the album to a heady close with the beautiful and almost haunting Famous Last Words.

The album is amazing and was guided through the recording process by veteran producer Mark Ephraim, known for his work with New Pornographers, Joan As Policewoman and Dirty on Purpose. “Volcano” will be out next month, but in the mean time get a sneaky peak of the first track Crystalline.


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