Gabriel and the Hounds- Kiss Full of Teeth


And who says Friday the 13th isn’t a lucky day? As a gift on this luckiest of unlucky days we get a free download of Gabriel and the Hounds The World Unfolds, off the upcoming debut album “Kiss Full of Teeth“. If you haven’t yet read my expression of love for this new album, read my review below. Enjoy!

Kiss Full of Teeth” will be out February 28th, 2012 -Ernest Jenning Record Co.


Releasing worldwide in February, Gabriel and the Hounds “Kiss Full of Teeth” is a trip to the theater, complete with the orchestral warm up, intro, intermission, and emotional ending. What’s found in between is a production journey that doesn’t leave a listener disappointed, but rather aching for a curtain call.

The intro, “A Beginning (Rethinking the Urban Agenda)”, which prepares the listener for the upcoming performance, is exactly what is described, a beginning. The next act is Santa Monica surf Janglepop in “What Good Would That Do”, (I absolutely love love love this song) spotlighting a trumpet that fits nicely, though it’s unexpected. In “Wire and Stone” we hear shades of Coldplay, but there is also this non-traditional instrumentation that is used, which makes them not just break out of the mold, they shatter it into a million pieces. The track “Lovely Thief” has a hook there that pulls you in, which is a little “Day in the Life” Beatles-esque meets new indie. When I hear it, I picture it being used in a commercial. By the 4th track, “The World Unfolds” the meat of the album really comes into it and what’s heard is a kind of mix of all my favorite music rolled into one. If you take hints of Johnny Marr, The Smiths, Iggy Pop and REM, and add a little dash of Tom Petty you have a track that helps create an album that I didn’t skip one single song on. Production pieces “When We Die in South America” and “Talk of the Town”, again bringing out the signature orchestral instruments and adding birds this time, are met with the intermission “An In-Between (Full Where You Are)”, followed by the climactic “Who Will Fall on Knees” and “An Ending (Between Friends)”, our emotional goodbye.

Want to be highly impressed? Then this is an album that can’t be glanced over. Pick it up and listen to the whole thing from start to finish. Better yet, listen to it with really great headphones on and close your eyes. You will be taken on a journey through a beautiful performance.

Listen to my favorite “What Good Would That Do”


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