Grandma Kelsey


Grandma Kelsey

Review by Debra Touchette

Grandma Kelsey

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” Hamlet I, iii, 78

If you spend any time at all chatting with Kelsey Swope (aka Grandma Kelsey) about her music and art and you don’t come away believing that she has taken Polonius’s advice to heart and made it her credo, then you weren’t listening.

Grandma Kelsey is a young woman of seeming contradiction, of old-fashioned charms and youthful energy, but on closer look, you find an artist in balance, an artist well-versed in the work of her predecessors but producing songs that are all her own.

In an uncomfortable world of in-your-face consumerism and self-promotion, Grandma Kelsey prefers to be the thrift store treasure, something you see in passing, music from another room, art that finds you when you are ready to hear it.

Maybe this sounds like a fantasy, but it’s true enough, and it’s certainly truer than a column that simply lists her influences and back catalogue, although Kelsey is quick to say that she has been incredibly lucky in her friends and mentors, particularly in her manager, Thomas Paul. But better than an in-depth profile that details her celebrity crushes and favorite color is to see Grandma Kelsey play, either solo or in collaboration with other fine, local musicians.

You can check out GrandmaKelseysFacebook page for upcoming shows and new tidbits about her works.

Pop over to her YouTube page

or find her on SoundCloud. Here is her cover of Portishead’s Glorybox


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