Jack Wilson’s Self Titled Debut Album

When I was growing up I used to listen to Nick Drake and Neil Young with my dad, and when I listened to Jack Wilson’s debut full length album, “Jack Wilson”, I was taken back to those days, sitting in the tavern my parents owned on a cold day on the bay.
Jack Wilson, a Seattle native but Austin based veteran musician, has brought us a sentimental trip down memory lane, with each one of his songs on the album. Opening with Valhalla and ending with The Truth, in between we are allowed to hear an array of genres from rock to folk to country, including horns and a slide guitar.
When Wilson made this album he wasn’t setting out to make a folk album or a country album, he was determined to make an album that people wanted to listen to; creating the tracks to meet their fullest potential. Those that aren’t familiar with his sound, but can appreciate Nick Drake, Neil Young or Van Morrison, will love Jack Wilson. Those that don’t appreciate the sound of these great masters, but love REM, Iron and Wine or Counting Crows will welcome Jack with open arms, and be thankful for the education he is going to bestow upon them. The album is wrought with depth, and shaped by lyrics that depict real life struggle, and storytelling that takes you back in time, as in Black Hills Fiction. Jack Wilson is a prolific writer of real life stories that can draw the listener in by the heart strings.

Click Here for your free download of Jack Wilson’s Valhalla

“Jack Wilson” debuts on Fluff & Gravy Records in March.


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