Monks of Mellonwah

I love reviewing music. It’s like watching a chef create the perfect recipe. A little bit of this added to a little bit of that to create something wonderful. Sydney, Australia’s Monks of Mellonwah figured out the recipe for greatness; a little Jimi Hendrix, a dash of Chili Peppers, even a touch of Muse, folded into their own indie rock funk sound that is awesomely unique.  The Monks, vocalist Will Maher, backing vocalist/guitarist Joe de la Hoyde, bass player John de la Hoyde, and backing vocalist and drummer Josh Baissari, are currently blasting their way to the top of the new music scene. Already looking at award nominations for both Best Indie Rock Act and Best Rock Act at the 2012 Artists in Music Awards, they’ll be coming over to the States to perform at the awards ceremony, which honors and promotes the best unsigned and independent musicians from around the world.

Debuting the EP “Stars are Out” in 2010, which starts off showing full on Red Hot Chili Peppers and Hendrix with Fire in the Hole, and moves on to the guitar heavy Stampede and Swamp Groove, which is chock-a-block full of funk. They roll into a softer side with title track Stars are Out and The Neverending Spirit, which allows The Monks to show diversity that deserves extensive airplay. Their award winning video for Swamp Groove is featured on ABC’s Rage, a program on Australian television featuring music videos. This is The Monks of Mellonwah’s first music video and features their dreamy eyed drummer, Josh Baissari, on lead vocals, and Joe de la Hoyde, a seriously fingers flashing amazing guitarist.

Set for a follow up release soon, the Monks of Mellonwah announced they’ve teamed up with Howie Weinberg, engineer for Nirvana and Soundgarden, to master their new 2012 album. Giving a sample of things to come, they’ve released their new single Neurogenesis. Download it now and add them to your preferred playlist.


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