Priory Self Titled Debut Album

photo credit: Courtesy of Expunged Records

Priory is the quintessential, sitting under the stars out at Edgefield drinking a beer, Portland band. Displaying indie-pop/electronic alternative sounds, Priory, comprised of Brandon Johnson (vocals, bass), Kyle Dieker (acoustic guitar, keys, bells, falsetto), Joe Mengis (drums), and Greg Harpel (lead guitar, bells, keys), released their debut, self-titled full-length album, “Priory,” June 21, 2011 via Portland’s Expunged Records. “We came out of the studio with a record that sounds like we actually sound, and that is something Priory is quite proud of,” says Dieker. With that in mind, Priory is a must see in concert.

Starting off with a Modest Mouse appeal and moving into a sound reminiscent of Coldplay, Priory uses this debut album to exhibit a style that listeners are used to, but adding masses of their own personality. Use of the tracks Worthy Dreams and Kings of Troy are the perfect way to introduce this album, as they are already under my “Most Played” on my phone’s playlist. Searching and Devil vs. Heater, along with Cold Hands add a bit of angst to the album, with a little fun flare thrown in, but then Red Sun prominently features a guitar that brings the album back to its catchy self. Adding real life moments to their lyrics, the band’s focus was to put meaning into every song, not load it with filler. The album comes to fruition with the beginning song, Worthy Dreams; played backwards to give us smaerD yhtroW. But it works. And it is awesome.

Priory does have a similar sound to some indie/pop bands out there, but the difference is in the delivery. Brandon Johnson pulls you in and makes you want to listen to more. As if he’s whispering, “But wait…there’s more.”

“Priory is a place of seclusion,” and keeping in that frame of mind, the album was created with the help of their close friend, Skyler Norwood (Blind Pilot, Horsefeathers) at the Miracle Lake Studios; closing out the world and putting all their focus onto making this the best record they could. They didn’t disappoint. “Priory” is one of those albums that can be listened to over and over without tiring of it.

Grab your free download of Kings of Troy here.


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