The Pharmacy- Dig Your Grave


The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is set to release their upcoming EP “Dig Your Grave” February 3rd and I’ve got a fantastic download of the title track to share with you. The Pharmacy, made up of Scottie Yoder, Brendhan Bowers and classical pianist Stefan Rubicz, is an edgy, garage band with a glimmer of fun, and almost poppy style of punk. In the title track, Stefan’s piano intro, worked in with the mix of basement rock and a distinct indie guitar sound, offer a unique blend of music.

The Pharmacy has gleaned much from their touring and experiences while recording their previous albums and this is evident in “Dig Your Grave.” The A side of the new EP includes two songs recorded in their hometown of Seattle at Jack Endino’s Soundhouse Studio, and was produced by Brandon Eggleston, known for his work with Modest Mouse, Swans & Les Savy Fav. The B side contains a demo recorded in the barracks on Governor’s Island and an acoustic track from their time in New Orleans.

Download, listen, enjoy!

Check out the new Grindhouse-esque video for Dig Your Grave, shot by the band’s drummer, Brendhan Bowers.

THE PHARMACY – DIG YOUR GRAVE (MUSIC VIDEO) from brendhan bowers on Vimeo.


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