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February 21, 2012

Mass Effect 3- Aliens really do fall from the sky

BioWare and Electronic Arts have a treat in store for die hard Mass Effect fans. They will be launching copies of the game into space, well maybe just into the atmosphere, but either way it’s way cool. Starting Thursday, copies of the game will be launched via high altitude weather balloons from different locales around the world, starting at 7am Pacific time in San Francisco, then followed by Las Vegas, New York, London, Paris, and Berlin. Bioware’s marketing director for Mass Effect 3, David Silverman, said, “Depending on weather conditions, it could take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to land back on the ground and the landing site could be anywhere from 50 to 300 miles of where they are launched from.” So those not in the direct path of the launch site still have a chance of nabbing this awesome collectible. The launched games will be hooked up to GPS tracking and an HD camera, and the location of the games will be trackable on the Mass Effect website. You will need to register as a user in order to access the tracker, unless you already have an EA account. If you have ever played an EA game more than likely you have one already. The game tracking site will be live starting Wednesday morning. So get your tracking shoes on and be the first one to grab this game before the release date  on March 6th. Good luck! In the meantime, here’s the new extended trailer for the game. It looks so fantastic. I’m not sure if Shephard did do a butt clench to get that assault rifle to pop up, he is so much of a bad ass he can just think “come to me” and that thing can appear.

February 6, 2012

A Day Made of Glass Part 2

Corning released their new follow up video to last year’s “A Day Made of Glass.” The technology explored is truly amazing, and I may never leave my car when this technology comes into my life. I’ll take this in lieu of my highly overdue flying car any day. Watch the video below and click here to read the back story on what Corning is doing and how they are going to make it a reality.


February 5, 2012

Obstacle Course of Awesome! OK Go’s New Video

OK Go has always had a certain genius behind the creativity in their videos, but seriously this takes the cake. Watch the new video and be amazed. Be very amazed. Months of preparation and days of filming, stunt driving lessons, and the right amount of tuning makes Needing/Getting one of the awesome videos around.

January 31, 2012

New Alien Invasion Short Film

A new alien invasion short has hit YouTube, in first person raw footage, Cloverfield style. The film is about 9 minutes long, and chronicles the beginnings of an alien invasion in Britain through the eyes of four different groups of people. Filmed with full production, story boarding, scripts, actors, a BAFTA nominated director, and even some cool CG alien creatures. The visual effects are really good. So, what’s the catch?

The catch is it was all filmed as part of the Xperia Studio project, on an Xperia arc S phone, but you can’t tell. You wouldn’t know it unless you read it. Click here to read about the Xperia Studio and how they are giving innovators their devices to capture “Reality remade.” Check out their videos and be impressed. There is some gorgeous footage available, and they look like high quality documentaries. To add to the radness, it’s less than $400, so it’s obtainable. Want!

Watch Swarm and the Making of Swarm to see what this awesome little Android phone is capable of.

January 30, 2012

Music for the Masses


Have you heard of DigSin? It’s new and modern, and it is going to make you very happy. DigSin is a new record label that is breaking off from the norm of making gobs of money by bringing free music to the masses. The past few months have brought about their website and friends and followers can sign up to receive news and information, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and get a link to their free downloads straight to their inbox. I have yet to meet them, but any friend of music is a friend of mine. The first download they sent me is quite fun, NNXT‘s “DRNK TXTNG.”

DigSin, which stands for Digital Single, will be focusing on “single song releases,” according to an interview conducted with Hypebot. “DigSin is the result of years of examining the new ways music fans find and listen to music,” Executive Jay Frank told Hypebot. “We are committing ourselves to expose new songs in a targeted, organic way that enables us to be a trusted filter to music fans.”

In the height of the controversy over copyright infringement and piracy, I say Bravo, Sir! Bravo for fulfilling a need and taking the time to understand your audience and find out what they want.

If you have a minute, pop on over to DigSin, see what they’re doing, watch their video about why they’re doing it, and be their friend. I’m excited about the possibility of change that DigSin is creating here.


January 27, 2012

Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon. Treat your geek right.

Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you are still looking for that perfect gift for the fanboy in your life, then check these awesome gift ideas from Strapya World:

For those of  you who thought that fanboy wear consisted of only t-shirts and beanie caps. Look again. You can dress that boy up and take him out. That’s right, kiddies, Star Wars tie clips and cuff links. Whether he’s a member of the 501st or Rebel Legion, he will be sure to love you for nourishing his geek side.

But wait…there’s more. The business attire would not be complete without…Business Card Holders

I can’t decide which I love more, R2D2 or Han Solo. These are unisex, so I am so ordering both. One for him and one for me.

Let me know if you find any fabulous Valentine’s gifts for your dork, geek or nerd. Send me a pic and I’ll even post it on the site. (Deeming its appropriate. Not sure I want to know those Sith bedroom secrets) Let your geek flag fly this Valentine’s Day!


January 24, 2012

Comediva is Pure Genius

If you haven’t yet stumbled across the talent of Comediva you need to spend some time clicking around on their site, so you too can find out how Nickelback is really a possible super villain in disguise, 10 uses for Wolverines claws that you never knew existed or my favorite find today, the web series Geek Therapy. Everyone needs a therapist like this. I just love when I stumble upon girls that are as geeky as I am.

Side note: I couldn’t pick my favorite of the Geek Therapy “sessions” so I picked the one that went with a conversation that started my day. My best friend is a guy who can’t figure out why he isn’t finding the “right” girl. He needs a little of this Geek Therapy.

January 17, 2012

World of Warcraft in the News Again

…but this time it’s on a happier note. My favorite MMORPG will forever be known as that game that destroys marriages/relationships/careers/lives (moderation people…it’s not that hard); but not anymore, now it’s that game that saves lives., a Norwegian news publication, reported that a twelve year old boy, Hans Jørgen Olsen from Leksvik in North-Trøndelag, saved his sister using moves he learned in World of Warcraft. The boy and his sister were on their way to school, when they reportedly took a shortcut and came eye to eye with a large moose.  To save his sister, Hans used a move called “Taunt”, a skill used by Protection Warriors, which takes the focus off the weaker player and puts it on a tank. After getting the attention of the moose off his sister, he remembered a skill he learned at level 30, which Hunter players have often used in a time of danger, “Feign Death.” It worked effectively and the moose lost interest and wandered away.

Though Hans did suffer some bruises from being butted by the moose, his backpack took most of the damage, and this little Human Hunter saved the day.

FRYKTLØS: Hans Jørgen Olsen (12) opptrådte rolig og kalkulerende da elgen sto over han.

photo copyright

January 11, 2012

The I Want Thats of CES 2012

Though CES 2012 isn’t over yet, I have already got my sites set on the awesomeness that is new tech. So far so good on the things to come front, I am gonna start my Dear Santa letter off with

Ssiss Army penknife SSD

Swiss Army 1TB drive

the 1TB USB drive. Are you freaking kidding me? This is like crack to me. Walking around with my whole world tucked nicely into my purse, and not only is it a 1TB USB drive, it’s a freaking Swiss Army Knife drive. That just takes the awesomeness level to wicked awesome. This little baby will only knock you back around (gasp) $2000, and it will be available in April.


Parrot Zik headphones

Next on the list of Yes, Please! is the Parrot Zik headphones. Not only are they designed to be one of the best noise cancellation headphones ever, but you can use swiping to control volume and forwarding through tracks. I watched the Digital Experience coverage on AOTS and maybe it was the way Kevin was flicking that headphone, or the excitement that rang in me with the idea of true noise cancelling headphones, but these are going to be a must have.

Lytro Light Field Camera

Oh and lest I forget the Lytro Light Field Camera. This little big gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lets you do post-production focusing. This is just too rad. What it means is when I’m trying to take a sneaky pic of someone the Lytro Light Field Camera will shoot light in all directions, so I can’t mess up the shot, my phones slow ass processor won’t affect how blurry the photo ends up, and I can look at it after I’ve been stealthy to fix the shot and make the subject of my stalkery come into focus. Seriously though, one of it’s claims is that you don’t have to worry about low light shots anymore, because it’s lighting the entire scene. I really want to see this in action, especially when I’m in a poorly lit concert and photoshop just isn’t making magic. They’re calling it “living pictures”, I’m calling it Awesomesauce! 8GB approx 350 photos $399 or 16GB 750 photos $499.

To be continued…..

December 16, 2011

Imperial March Floppy Drive

Love! Found this on Geekgasm , which is one of the most awesome websites out there, and I recommend any true dork or geek at heart go there when you are done watching this awesome video and reading the rest of my awesome blogs. Cheers!