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February 23, 2012

Morgan Spurlock Geek Fan or Geek Foe?

Morgan Spurlock, best known for his award winning gut bomb Super Size Me, has teamed up with Joss Whedon, Geek God, to create a documentary about the human side of San Diego Comic-Con. Interviewing legends and fanboys like Stan Lee, Eli Roth, Seth Rogan and Kevin Smith, there is a real opportunity to break stereotypes and show that Comic-Con is not just for those who feel the need to fly their geek flag high each year, but that there are designers and comic book creators that use this as a platform to show their work. The potential to make dreams come true among the cosplay and collectibles.

The documentary COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE follows the 2010 Comic-Con, and so far the newly released trailer is getting good press. BUT this geek writer found exactly what I was worried about when perusing the interwebs this morning, an article written by Phil Brown last September on where he states, “…the film is a rather sweet and loving portrait of the pop culture-obsessed attendees and the annual Mecca of their anti-social pursuits. The convention itself comes off as an accepting home to anyone who feels the need [to] sweat through a Wookie costume for a weekend while eating overpriced fast food and standing in line to get an autograph from their favorite B-movie actor. The documentary probably won’t win over anyone who despises this culture going in, but it should at least help explain why it exists.” 

Don’t we nerds, geeks, and dorks get enough flack for being nerds, geeks, and dorks? We don’t need another documentary that shows anti-social freaks. Several years ago a documentary was released about MMORPG players, mostly focusing on EverQuest and World of Warcraft, and depicted players who couldn’t go to work because of their addiction, a mother who blamed her son’s suicide on his gaming addiction, and a really sad couple who met in game. It was in no way a positive look at these games or their players, and I hope that this documentary doesn’t do the same injustice to the iconic Comic-Con.

Morgan Spurlock has a real fighting chance to show a different side of this genre. Putting celebs who are fan boys or in the business, rather than Morgan Spurlock’s usual post in the front of the camera, as the main focus is good; though it would have been nice to see a documentary film maker who isn’t in the genre right up front saying, “hey look, these people are normal, hard working people and this isn’t a freakfest.”

The trailer looks great. I am definitely looking forward to watchingTake a look and let me know what you think.

Have you ever imagined a place where Vulcans and vampires get along? Where wizards and wookies can be themselves? Welcome to Comic-Con San Diego. What started as a fringe comic book convention for 500 fans has grown into the pop culture event of the year that influences every form of entertainment, now attended by over 140,000 strong. COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE- a film by Morgan Spurlock explores this amazing cultural phenomenon by following the lives of five attendees as they descend upon the ultimate geek mecca at San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

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February 17, 2012

Trion’s Rift Breaks World Record

Most of the time when a game is trying to break a world record one would think they were going after the most players or the most raiders, but not Trion. The hugely popular gaming company that created one of the top MMOs, Rift, went for the world record for in game marriages, on Valentine’s Day. Succeeding with 21,879 couples tying the knot in a 24 hour period, the entry will be made in the Guinness World Records Gamer Edition for 2013. Additionally, everyone in game who got in on the fun and married their Ascended love will be given the in game title of “The Avowed” starting next week.

Trion also went above and beyond for a few lucky couples, who sent in their love story. The winning couples were given special in game ceremonies by the Game Masters themselves, announcements were made game-worldwide, and their love story was featured on the Rift website. Also on Rift’s website, Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer on Rift and Trion’s CCO said, “Establishing this record was a monumental achievement for our development team and community of passionate players, and I couldn’t be more proud. Ascended Weddings were a great way to lift the veil on Rift’snew ‘Gatherings’ feature, social experiences that bring players together in new and interesting ways.  We look forward to expanding this great new gameplay element in the always-evolving world of Telara.”

This isn’t the first time loved has bloomed in an MMO setting, but it certainly was the biggest expression of love so far. Check out my wedding photos from Valentine’s Day in Rift. “Grats” to all the happy couples!

The Ceremony

Sealed with a /kiss

Checking out my new ring

I'm Bonafide!

February 14, 2012

Valentine Procrastinators Don’t Fret…you can still have a happy VD

Waited til the last minute to send a Valentine greeting to your geek love? Afraid road side flowers won’t send the right message? Never fear,  it’s not too late to still show you care, in your own awesome way.

Our pals over at ThinkGeek have put printable Valentine cards up for you to print, personalize and give to that special someone.

Digital Mom Blog also has some nerd sentiments to send along that will say exactly what’s in that programmer heart of yours. If she was able to capture your little IT encrusted heart, make sure to tell her how special she is this Valentine’s Day.

Photo Credit

Are you and your nerd love already planning for the zombie apocalypse? If so, head over to someecards to send one of their Walking Dead ecards. She or he will know you will be with them through thick and thin, and when it’s time to take them out.


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For that Kaiju lover in your life, don’t forget to send over this Valentine’s Day tribute to the “King of Monsters”

Here’s a few more Valentines to honor this day full of hearts, flowers, and hopefully in my case a 2 TB external hard drive. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and know that I ❤ all of you.


February 3, 2012

Felicia Day has a New Project- Geek & Sundry

Fans of the “Darling of Geek Culture”, Felicia Day, will soon have one more way to enjoy her wit and charm. Felicia, along with fellow Guild Producer Kim Evey, has created a new company Geek & Sundry featuring “Eccentricities for your Entertainment,” which will bring fans new web series’ this spring.

So far, there is an introductory YouTube video on their newly made Geek & Sundry Channel, which fans need to immediately watch and subscribe to. Fans should also “Like” their Facebook page, and of course, follow them on Twitter.

Felicia Day has a knack for making geeks loveable, adorable, and smokin’ hot, with her roles in The Guild, Eureka, and Dragon Age. I know she helped this dorky girl be ok with letting my geek flag fly.

February 3, 2012

QR Codes and Cross Stitching, or Tech Meets Textiles

Guest post written by Debra Touchette

When I first saw the now-ubiquitous qr code, I thought, “Dang, that would be perfect to cross stitch!” Turns out I’m not alone in this. The Guardian recently posted an article about artists who have done just that, stitching the designs into quilts, incorporating pirates and Darth Vadar into their designs, and more. There are several generators on the internet that will help you create a pattern for your own qr code. I stitched one up for my friend Alex as a going away present, using this site to create the code.

I won’t tell you what the design represents. If you feel so inclined, you can try it yourself. Alas, my phone isn’t a smart phone — it’s only a somewhat bright phone, so I don’t know if the design actually works. It’s entirely possible I messed up the design because I transferred it to graph paper by hand. And frankly, I’m inclined to think this is all magic or voo doo anyway, so I’m sorry in advance if, when you scan the code, you are turned into a unicorn or something. [Editors note: the QR code works]

I haven’t always been interested in the intersection of technology and old-fashioned crafts, but a class last fall in digital rhetoric got me thinking about the ways in which we humans constantly marry old and new, the ways in which we look back to go forward, and crafts aren’t immune to the phenomenon. Take, for example, the tag cloud embroidery I mentioned in a previous post:

Photo Source

Few arts are as traditional as embroidery, yet tag clouds are totally Web 2.0.

January 30, 2012

Google Thinks I’m a Man

Google has done it. They have finally killed my belief that living in a small town was the reason that I feel so out of place being a dorky girl. My love of video games, music, Star Wars and all things fabulously geeky, along with the fact that I watch fan films, drool over collectibles on the Kotobukiya website and watch Sumo has apparently made me a stereotypical male. Yep, you read that right. Google thinks I’m a man.

Google’s Ad preferences cookie, the bot that figures out what to flash randomly on the right hand side of my web browser (usually, there is an ad for World of Warcraft and a dancing goblin in the ad bar), took it upon themselves to determine my age and gender based on the websites I’ve visited…I’m a 25-34 year old Male. (Click photo above) That’s rad, Google!

With the new privacy practices that Google just unveiled, I was worried about something like this happening. I am no longer allowed to check out amazing cosplay and “accidentally” happen upon the Red Tubes, while checking out ehow’s tutorial on building Cloud’s Buster Sword,  without Google deciding that the best ads for me are some funky fetish porn.

Want to check out your ad preferences? Go here! If you get an awesome one like me leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

January 24, 2012

The Doubleclicks Let their Geek Flag Fly

Blatant Pandering Cover Art

The Doubleclicks

Portland natives and sister musical duo Angela and Aubrey, better known as The Doubleclicks, have combined witty lyrics, a guitar, some ukulele action, with a cello and some geek girl flare to exact the perfect recipe, a new EP Blatant Pandering. With lead vocals, guitar and ukulele by Angela, and Aubrey on cello and harmonies, The Doubleclicks are deeming Blatant Pandering “an album of our geekiest of songs.” With songs about the Worst.Superpower.Ever, a true romance between two Dungeons and Dragons players, and why a Spock Impersonator would “not make a very good boyfriend,” this album is a riot that appeals to nerds or geeks of any variety.

Taking their geeky fascination with gaming (of the tabletop RPG persuasion) and their raw “nerd folk” talent, The Doubleclicks give listeners songs about iPhone users, a hatred for beatboxing, and my favorite breakup song, Always Be here (WoW), from their album Beta Testing 1-2-3. This sister act lets their geek flag fly proudly. “Most all of our songs are based on stuff that’s happened to us, or, failing that, stuff about which we feel very strongly,” says Angela about the brilliance behind the writing. I know I laughed out loud when I heard A Song about EVE online, from their Song-a-week project, a “songwriting/motivation project” that took place from February to August 2011.

I spent an entire evening listening to every one of their songs and you should too. Head over to their Bandcamp site, where you can download their new EP Blatant Pandering in name your price fashion, and look for a new full length CD out soon. For show dates and times check out their website and look for them at Norwescon in Seattle.

Here’s my favorite song. It’s time for you to find yours.

January 16, 2012

Comic Reading Geek Girl

Over the years it had never occurred to me that I wasn’t “normal” for frequenting comic shops or playing video games. Hell, if I ever get divorced there is going to be a battle over my beautiful Mark Newman Wolverine maquette, which sits right next to my Mighty Mugg Skrull and the Kotobukiya Biker Scout. My point is, these things are mine…and I’m a girl. I play Warcraft, have my name on the reader board at the local arcade for kicking ass at Tekken Tag, go through major withdrawals when Doctor Who isn’t on, love Portal 2, and collect comic books. I want to be a writer for Zenescope, Image or Blizzard when I grow up. However, in the last few days there has been news of a booth babe at CES who reportedly doesn’t understand women in the tech field, saying on a video released by BBC News, “I don’t know any that choose the tech world, so to say, over shopping, or cooking, or something like that..or taking care of kids.” I have no problem with Booth Babes. It’s a good marketing strategy, and who doesn’t appreciate a hot girl. I do have a problem with a women who doesn’t get that there is more to life than shopping and cooking. Shortly after that, Kevin Smith was interviewed by ThinkProgress where he spoke about comics being a male dominated industry, in both writing and reading. Writing, yes, but reading? That makes me sad. Why aren’t women reading comics? A friend of mine asked me why there was so much T&A in my favorite funny books, and I responded by telling her it doesn’t bring lack of depth to my stories just because there are hot women on and in the pages of the book. It’s not like I’m leaving my Lost Girls out on the coffee table. The small amount of T&A just doesn’t bother me..and Lost Girls stays under my bed. 

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