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March 12, 2012

Moonbound- Peak of Eternal Light

Imagine if you will, sitting on the floor in your bedroom, listening to your local radio station, hunched over your radio with fingers ready on the play and record buttons for that exact moment your favorite song starts to play, hoping that the DJ isn’t going to talk over the intro ruining a perfect recording opportunity. While I may have just described the first moments of music pirating, to me it’s a feeling of pure nostalgia. After all, making mixed tapes of my favorite 80s songs was my favorite pastime. It seems I no longer have to pine for the music of my youth or the nostalgic feelings it conjures up. It’s back. Welcome back, my favorite genre of music. Fabio Trentini is bringing you back in style.

Mixing 80s texture with progressive elements, Italian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Fabio Trentini, known for Subway to Sally and Le Orme, has released Peak of Eternal Light, the latest album from his music project Moonbound.

Moonbound is a studio project made up of Trentini on a multitude of parts (vocals, mixing, keyboard, guitar, and bass), co-producer and drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister), who is regarded “as the driving force behind Trentini’s hooky compositions,” and guitarist Markus Reuter, who also co-produced and who makes an appearance on the album with his signature U8 touch guitar. Peak of Eternal Light is an ensemble of musical talent. Also contributing on the album are drummer Michi Dei Rossi from Italian prog band Le Orme, and longtime XTC guitarist Dave Gregory. Bringing together a powerhouse of artists, who lived through and contributed to the best of progressive pop, was sure to be a winning combination.

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