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March 5, 2012

Super Hero Gear for Pets

I’m no stranger to dressing up my pooch. My faithful Maximilian Pugglesworth has won numerous costume contests and continues to dazzle when he’s geared up and strutting down the street. My favorite of the creations he wears is his Ryuk costume. Ryuk the Shinigami (Deathnote) is one of my favorite characters, and one day when the Pug was primed to jump on the couch I saw an uncanny resemblance that had to come to fruition.

So we made it happen.

If you want to get your precious pooch noticed, I just found these awesome Marvel toys and gear for your super hero dog at PetSmart. Click here to find your favorite. I’m thinking my Max is definitely going to be an Avenger and he must have a Wolverine squeaky toy. Thank you, Marvel! Bock Bock!

Marvel Avengers Symbol Tee - PetSmart

Marvel Avengers Symbol Tee - PetSmart