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March 14, 2012

Eliza Rickman’s Coming to Town

Tomorrow night, March 15, Eliza Rickman will be at Flying M Coffeegarage in Nampa engaging us her quirky style and dazzling us with her voice. If you have a chance to come out to the show, please do and support her on her tour to promote her new album O, You Sinners, which was released on 03/06. To tide you over until tomorrow’s show take a peek at one of the favorites off her new album “Cinnamon Bone.”

March 12, 2012

Moonbound- Peak of Eternal Light

Imagine if you will, sitting on the floor in your bedroom, listening to your local radio station, hunched over your radio with fingers ready on the play and record buttons for that exact moment your favorite song starts to play, hoping that the DJ isn’t going to talk over the intro ruining a perfect recording opportunity. While I may have just described the first moments of music pirating, to me it’s a feeling of pure nostalgia. After all, making mixed tapes of my favorite 80s songs was my favorite pastime. It seems I no longer have to pine for the music of my youth or the nostalgic feelings it conjures up. It’s back. Welcome back, my favorite genre of music. Fabio Trentini is bringing you back in style.

Mixing 80s texture with progressive elements, Italian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Fabio Trentini, known for Subway to Sally and Le Orme, has released Peak of Eternal Light, the latest album from his music project Moonbound.

Moonbound is a studio project made up of Trentini on a multitude of parts (vocals, mixing, keyboard, guitar, and bass), co-producer and drummer Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister), who is regarded “as the driving force behind Trentini’s hooky compositions,” and guitarist Markus Reuter, who also co-produced and who makes an appearance on the album with his signature U8 touch guitar. Peak of Eternal Light is an ensemble of musical talent. Also contributing on the album are drummer Michi Dei Rossi from Italian prog band Le Orme, and longtime XTC guitarist Dave Gregory. Bringing together a powerhouse of artists, who lived through and contributed to the best of progressive pop, was sure to be a winning combination.

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March 8, 2012

SXSW Planning Just Got Easier


There’s nowhere I would rather be next week than SXSW, but I’ll be holding the fort down here in Boise, getting ready for Treefort Music Fest. If you are on your way to the awesomeness that is SXSW, but are feeling a little overwhelmed with the schedule, never fear, Monstro is here. Laying out the bands that are trending and figuring out where you want to be just got a little easier. The SXSW website has a long list of the venues and artists playing this giant 5000+ event festival, and their schedule is definitely comprehensive, but if you’re looking for a bit of help through the chaos Monstro has released their MONSTRO SOCIAL MUSIC CHART SXSW EDITION. 

Put the power of Monstro to work for you at SXSW Music- There are a lot of artists showcasing at this year’s SXSW music conference. With the help and power of Monstro, you can see which bands are trending right now, were tops for the day, or have built excitement during all of SXSW. You can also tailor the result by Venue or Genre.

Monstro’s press release stated, “users can interact, via Twitter, with artists and listen to their music via Rdio. By culminating tweets shared about SXSW, the chart provides a simple, immediate way for fans to interact with artists and discover break-out hits, and artists can respond to and engage with their fans.” Monstro is an innovator in linking social media and music to both fans and artists.

“We want to make it easy for SXSW attendees to see which artists are trending and select which artists to see, and interact with those artists. And, we want to provide a way for artists to interact with their fans,” said Jeff Fedor, co-founder and co-CEO, Monstro. “We think we’ve done that by developing the free Monstro Social Music Chart SXSW Edition.”

If you aren’t familiar with Monstro and their social networking aspect to bringing music to the masses, you can read about them here. I can’t wait to hear all about SXSW when everyone gets back!

February 28, 2012

Substream Music Press is Looking for a New Feature Artist

Substream Music Press, a bi-monthly music and lifestyle magazine focusing on discovering and sharing the best in new music, fashion and entertainment, is looking for the next best band or artist to feature in an upcoming issue. According to a press release this morning from ReverbNation,

Substream is an internationally distributed, bi-monthly, music and lifestyle magazine. With our main focus on discovering and sharing the best in new music, fashion and entertainment, we are best known for being the first magazine cover for bands such as Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Owl City, The Devil Wears Prada, We The Kings, Asking Alexandria, All Time Low and Bring Me The Horizon.

Substream is teaming up with ReverbNation looking for the next big, break through artist to feature in our next issue! So make sure your RPK is updated and all your social networks are synced up with your Reverb page because we want to know all about you. This is not about a song, its about you and your music!

This opportunity is free. There is  No Fee to Submit; however, it’s coming up fast.  Submissions close March 9, 2012. The press release also stated, “If chosen as featured artist, you will be exposed at retail stores such as FYE, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Books a Million, Borders and many other locations! And, of course, on their cool and hip website.” Click here to submit.

I listen to so many new artists everyday, put up new downloads and promo info for some really great ones, and have a list a mile long that I am getting through to continue spotlighting music that needs to be heard. If you’re one of them then submit, win, and be awesome my friends!

February 22, 2012

Appleonia is Back…no not THAT Appollonia…this one

I recently posted a video from newly reborn Appleonia. No, not the progeny of Prince and 80s hottie Apollonia, but the transcended Jessica Chapnik Kahn, who “after years of mortality, decided to give birth to something else: herself. As Appleonia.” Her first video “Precious” is beautiful, striking, fun, and a little crazy when the apples start rolling and the darts are being thrown at her head.

Appleonia is now giving us a pensive look at “God”, with the help of filmmaker Penny Vozniak.  Penny and Appleonia add radiance to the already beautiful songs and Appleonia’s dazzling voice. Making a string of homemade videos together, the pair quickly became a two-woman show, acting as director, producer and crew while concocting frenzied one-shot ideas that often required life-threatening trial and error (all documented, of course). If you don’t believe me, go watch the video for “Precious” and the outtakes/making of the video.

Take a look at “God” and the making of the video “Shooting God.” I  almost wish they would have kept a bit more of the frolicking in the field look to the video that we see in the making of; however, I do love the idea of adding a little ode to Kali in the mix. Either way we get a glimpse of who Appleonia is, and we like what we’re seeing. Enjoy!

February 21, 2012

Sourpatch Releases Video from Upcoming Album

San Jose, California’s Sourpatch has released a new video of the song Things You Say from their upcoming album Stagger and Fade out February 28th. Gaining national acclaim for their first album Crushin’, in 2011, they have been featured in the Village Voice, on NPR, and in Bust magazine. This new album looks to be even better. The Things You Say video showcases the excitement that it is to be Sourpatch “the sound of infatuation, it’s the sound of being young, it’s the sound of hoping against hope. It’s rollercoaster melodies and caffeinated rhythms. It’s buying a lottery scratch ticket and knowing this one’s going to be the winner, the one that changes your life forever.”  Sourpatch “endorses a gender freeing, queer positive, all-ages, feminist hinking, crush worthy lifestyle.” Above all the music and the video are fresh and fun.

HHBTM Records

February 16, 2012

Record Labels Put a New Spin on How to Get Music

Audiophiles are being treated to more than just their regular iTunes option for downloadable music these days. More and more services offering independent music label downloads, and “hear it here first” new artists, which help those not living in the buy anything I want on iTunes lifestyle. Recently, I posted a blurb about DigSin, a new music label offering a weekly download from new artists. The listener is only responsible for registering on their website, and voila, music in your inbox each week. Additionally, labels like Bad Panda Records, who gives away a promotional download from their new artists, has recently pressed an album on vinyl, had an artist spotlighted on NPR, and has a digital album download on a “pay with a tweet” model. Sometimes promotion of your album is more valuable than the dollar someone will pay for it. Websites like ReverbNation and SoundCloud have been offering up info on new artists, and offering downloads for some time now. I discovered a revival of 90’s hip hop on ReverbNation, so it’s been well worth the very little effort I have put in to be a subscriber.

Other new services like Monstro add the social aspect to music, letting subscribers know what is trending on Twitter, and allowing them to share, buy, and watch the video on YouTube. According to Monstro’s introduction for users you can “Share– When you find a song you like, let your friends know by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. And best of all, your friends can watch the video or listen to the song however they want. Mix– Any time you see a list of songs whether from music you’ve shared, songs from your friends, your favorite band or a chart, Monstro automatically creates a playlist in Rdio or YouTube for your listening pleasure. Think of it like your social mixed tape. Why did we pick Rdio and YouTube first? Both are free!” You can even create your own page.

Essentially, this is all about discovery. What these new services are offering is a way to discover new music, on your own terms. These new services are worth checking out for those of you who are as keen on music as I am. If you know a music service that is offering something awesome to the masses, please make sure to leave me a comment.

February 14, 2012

Treefort Music Fest Brings Emerging Artists to the Spotlight

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Downtown Boise’s Linen District will be flocked with music lovers during the Treefort Music Fest, who announced their artists schedule today. This “New emerging artist festival in Boise, Idaho,” held March 22nd-25th, will showcase bands like Portland’s Lost Lander and Talk Demonic, and Boise’s Built to Spill and Finn Riggins , among many others. Not just an Indie fest, artists like rising hip hop + artist, and self proclaimed “recovering Scientist”, Oso Negro will be showing the diverse range of great artists this area has to offer. Being a Portland native, I am so excited to live in this little big town that will soon be the hot spot for finding new artists.

Check out the Treefort lineup to pique your interest. It’s color coded for your pleasure.

A few I am looking forward to

Talk Demonic

February 7, 2012

Appleonia’s “Precious” Video- Complete with lawn darts

Lending a fresh face and a sultry, yet heady, voice to the music scene is the newly reborn, and not of this mortal world, Appleonia. Not to be mistaken with the 80s progeny of Prince, Jessica Chapnik Kahn calls to her rebirth as Appleonia as “…not interested in being a mere mortal. After years of mortality, she decided to give birth to something else: herself,” and honestly, with a beautiful face and sweet voice like hers she can call herself anything she wants. I love when the spectacle comes back to music. Her video Precious offers a glimpse into being reborn of nature. “It is the idea of transformation and the symbolic nature of things that has inspired her video art and makes them something of an experience. They lie somewhere between science fiction, a Greek/Hindu myth and Xanadu.” The video for Precious is dramatic and fun at the same time. I didn’t get concerned until directors started bombarding her with dozens of apples and then throwing lawn darts at her. (I’m pretty sure those are illegal in most parts of the world.) You can tell she is anticipating  what is about to come her way, and she doesn’t look like she’s having much fun once the dirt starts flying.

A few things to know about Appleonia that set her apart from the rest of us mortals and helps create who she is: “she immigrated to Australia as a child from Argentina. She lived in a migrant hostel. She was raised by Jewish Polish Catholic Italian Argentinian parents who joined a couple of cults along the way. She dreams in Spanish. Her first crush was Marilyn Monroe, followed closely by Lady Diana. She acts. She formed her first band at 17. As a teenager she studied the bible. As an adult she studies with a Rabbi. She visits a young saint in India. She was on an Australian soap opera. She doesn’t know how to swim, but she lives by the sea. She has a cat phobia. It is tensions like these that have influenced her music-making to date.”

Additionally, the girl can laugh at herself. Along with the video for Precious, which is really a gorgeous and meaningful song that many will love, she released a bloopers video of the making of the video. After watching the actual video you will appreciate it. Take a look at her video and get to know Appleonia.

January 30, 2012

Music for the Masses


Have you heard of DigSin? It’s new and modern, and it is going to make you very happy. DigSin is a new record label that is breaking off from the norm of making gobs of money by bringing free music to the masses. The past few months have brought about their website and friends and followers can sign up to receive news and information, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, and get a link to their free downloads straight to their inbox. I have yet to meet them, but any friend of music is a friend of mine. The first download they sent me is quite fun, NNXT‘s “DRNK TXTNG.”

DigSin, which stands for Digital Single, will be focusing on “single song releases,” according to an interview conducted with Hypebot. “DigSin is the result of years of examining the new ways music fans find and listen to music,” Executive Jay Frank told Hypebot. “We are committing ourselves to expose new songs in a targeted, organic way that enables us to be a trusted filter to music fans.”

In the height of the controversy over copyright infringement and piracy, I say Bravo, Sir! Bravo for fulfilling a need and taking the time to understand your audience and find out what they want.

If you have a minute, pop on over to DigSin, see what they’re doing, watch their video about why they’re doing it, and be their friend. I’m excited about the possibility of change that DigSin is creating here.