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March 11, 2012

The Great Old One

Guest post by – Boise Card Games Examiner

Call of Cthulu offers some interesting artwork

Being a gamer living in a house full of gamers has perks. For example, I never have a shortage of willing opponents when it’s time to check out a new game. Having a roommate who is also a fan of the writing of H.P. Lovecraft is especially convenient when playing Call of Cthulu.

Published by Fantasy Flight this living card game has everything a Lovecraftian horror fan needs for a good time; mafia thugs, G-men, insanity rules, and antagonists with unpronounceable names. Players build decks out cards which are split between 7 factions, which can be mixed in any combination. Once both players have drawn their hands battle is done to control story cards which are laid out in the middle of the table. Resolving battles is a fun process of engaging some writhing mass of tentacles, horns, and teeth as you try to figure out what the heck is going on and maintain your sanity.

Call of Cthulu comes with a good mix of cards for each of the factions which my roomies and I had little trouble combining into three reasonably competitive decks for round robin tentacle waving. Instructions are clear and easy to understand for the first timer and if we can figure them out anyone should be able to.

If you enjoy doing battle with, or hanging out with the things that go bump in the night then Call of Cthulu (we think the call is “fwoop”) is definitely worth a look, and if you play your cards right you can even bring forth the great old one himself to send your opponent running for a padded room.

January 24, 2012

The Doubleclicks Let their Geek Flag Fly

Blatant Pandering Cover Art

The Doubleclicks

Portland natives and sister musical duo Angela and Aubrey, better known as The Doubleclicks, have combined witty lyrics, a guitar, some ukulele action, with a cello and some geek girl flare to exact the perfect recipe, a new EP Blatant Pandering. With lead vocals, guitar and ukulele by Angela, and Aubrey on cello and harmonies, The Doubleclicks are deeming Blatant Pandering “an album of our geekiest of songs.” With songs about the Worst.Superpower.Ever, a true romance between two Dungeons and Dragons players, and why a Spock Impersonator would “not make a very good boyfriend,” this album is a riot that appeals to nerds or geeks of any variety.

Taking their geeky fascination with gaming (of the tabletop RPG persuasion) and their raw “nerd folk” talent, The Doubleclicks give listeners songs about iPhone users, a hatred for beatboxing, and my favorite breakup song, Always Be here (WoW), from their album Beta Testing 1-2-3. This sister act lets their geek flag fly proudly. “Most all of our songs are based on stuff that’s happened to us, or, failing that, stuff about which we feel very strongly,” says Angela about the brilliance behind the writing. I know I laughed out loud when I heard A Song about EVE online, from their Song-a-week project, a “songwriting/motivation project” that took place from February to August 2011.

I spent an entire evening listening to every one of their songs and you should too. Head over to their Bandcamp site, where you can download their new EP Blatant Pandering in name your price fashion, and look for a new full length CD out soon. For show dates and times check out their website and look for them at Norwescon in Seattle.

Here’s my favorite song. It’s time for you to find yours.

October 19, 2011

New Adventures in Dorkdom

There is no debate that I am one of the dorkiest people I know. I’m the dorkiest person my friends know. Hell, I’m a walking, talking stereotype. I play the WoWs, I love my Who, I have little social life outside my computer. See illustration:

Back to my point…hubs decided it was time for me to stop working on my laptop glow tan, and start getting out of the house. Make friends that I have to see face to face?? Not in game and not on Facebook? I can totes do that… maybe…ya, I think…mayb…I’m not sure about that. With that in mind, my anniversary present was a deck of WoW TCG cards. Next day we ran down to the local game store to find out about playing with the local group, and we bought a more current deck than the one he bought me.
Game night #1 I go in and ask if I can watch, and yay, one player takes a few minutes to explain the basics of the game. Thank you, Daniel! I asked if I could creep on the players and got the gist of what was going on during the remaining couple of hours. Everyone was really nice, and someone pointed out that I speak WoW speak, but online gaming WoW speak, so I sounded like a total dork.

Tonight I went for the 2nd time, and was lucky enough to meet another GIRL player, she happens to co-own the store with her hubby, and I got to meet the local rep for Cryptozoic (the peeps who make the game). He was nice, made sure I had all my questions answered, and called me his “studio audience”, therefore making it so he could stay in one place and allow me to watch. These people are hella accommodating. I thought it was truly funny when one player with a Leeroy Jenkins card, which requires you to yell out in Leeroy fashion, got slightly razzed for not yelling out in his best Leeroy voice, because I was there.

Best moment of the night….love love love this.
Crypto: “Damn, that fly has been in here for like 3 weeks. I don’t know what it is living on.”
Opponent: “Pizza crust….and shattered dreams.”

Gotta love my fellow dorks. Anyone play WoW TCG? Anyone want to give me a few pointers? Looking forward to the day I get to stop watching and start playing. This Thursday I am hoping to build my deck.
More to come…..
You have a good day now!